The True face of an IITian!The IIT tag in India stands for the most acclaimed and admired lot of people. The moment people get to know that you are in IIT or are an IITian, people, especially parents will start hovering around you enquiring about what it takes to be an IITian or how their children should prepare in order to get into the prestigious institution. When something like this happens, one feels on the top of the world! Actually the notion prevailing among Indians is that the IITians are assumed to be a superior lot possessing all sorts of knowledge and good understanding and grasping skills. But hello, that’s not the truth!

I would like to tell you that we too are like common humans possessing two sides. In fact, it might come as a surprise to many that we are people carrying some inadmissible qualities. You will get to see our fatuous side in our IIT campus and a very decent side when we are at home or with our non-iitian mates. We love the pink- floyd and it is referred to as the psychedelic music and according to a saying

To fathom Hell or soar angelic,

just take a pinch of psychedelic.

You will not find an IItian who hasn’t seen the movie you can think off and hasn’t watched every episode of FRIENDS. Thus we are also like any other normal student who is a game and movie freak. In fact, we have an evil side and almost all our discoveries happen in the phase when rum, vodka smoke etc. are combined with Pink Floyd.

Another renowned fact is that we, the Iitians are sex-starved. This is true like a mathematical fact. We might appear to be a very decent, high-headed lot but the truth is that we are always hunting for a glimpse of anything that relates to the female side of humans. And yes, qualification wise we are the most eligible bachelors I am warning you about our wild side!

Now that I have shown you enough of our negatives, do not think that we have got no positives. It is true that we are workaholic and we can work continuously for 4 days without getting tired! And even if we have to take an exam the very next day we can bet to outdo many of our counter mates on this planet! Our expertise lies in the fact that we know when and how much to study.

The best part is that we live our lives as we want to and don’t give a damn whether the world praises us or scorns us!

We love the way we are!
This post was written by Aditya Singhal, co-founder of askIITians.

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