rfgt5All right!! With just a few days left to JEE-Main 2014 entrance exam, the thought of competing with 13.57 lakh aspirants must have started taking a toll on your life. And the journey to success may not seem easy if your aim is to join the hallowed institutions of technology—IITs. The feeling is frustrating considering just 1.5 lakh top candidates will make it to IITs finally.

So to help you achieve your goal of the lifetime and make your journey to IITs easy, we have got you an ideal list of key Do’s and Don’ts of JEE-Main-2014. Check them out before you the big day:


1. Ensure that you do your homework regularly and study accordingly.
2. Don’t neglect the importance of self-study. It is very important.
3. Complete your syllabus.
4. Ensure quality revision at least twice a week.
5. Notes written in the class rooms are essential. Revise them often effectively.
6. Revise problems that you have already solved.
7. You must work on your answer writing speed. You can do that by practicing filling in OMR answer-sheets.
8. Don’t neglect your health. Remember a good brain lives in a healthy body. So work-out regularly and keep calm.
9. Instead of trying high scores in the exam aim for a balanced score. A good rank can be achieved by scoring well in two subjects and above average in one.
10. Aim for above average marks in subjects you are weak in.
11. Don’t ignore the importance of planning and strategizing. Select right questions during the exam because the number of correctly attempted questions will decide your fate.
12. Patience is the key to success in JEE-Main.
13. Keep a positive attitude.


1. Don’t lose your patience while solving questions.
2. Don’t write answers before reading all the options.
3. Don’t lose your focus.
4. Don’t spend too much time on solving a single question.
5. Don’t avoid taking a good healthy sleep.
6. Don’t waste your time on a particular question you are stuck with. Move on to the next question.
7. Don’t study new topics. This is the right time to revise what you have prepared. 8. Don’t panic.

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