Is the Tag ‘IITian’ Being Misused or overhyped by the people of India? Find out Is comprising the best brains of the country enough of a reason for IITs to ignore the corruption in the country caused by its unmatched reputation?

Well, you guessed it wrong. This is not going to be another article intentionally written to tarnish the image of the pride of India. On the contrary, we will discuss about several situations where people don’t skip a chance to ravel in the luxury that comes with the brand value of IITs.

In fact, the respected term ‘IITs’ has become synonymous with ‘marketing’ and ‘hype’. This trend breeds an unusual Indian crowd ready to end their lives with IITs and even start with it.We try to find out why the hallowed institution must take a backseat now to help change the ongoing situation of the country.

IITs Must Take a Backseat Reason 1
Many politicians are just hell bent to create a mess out of the brand value of IITs. For example, Kapil Sibal who loves tweaking the JEE every time he runs out of the work in the ministry. All right! This is not benefitting the engineering aspirants anyway. Then why are they doing this? They are doing it only to satisfy their needs stemming from old mindsets.


IITs Must Take a Backseat Reason 2
There is no dearth of vaunted people like Chetan Bhagat who are making profits on the reputation of just being an IITian. Being an IIT alumnus, Chetan knew the dirty games of effective marketing to use them to his own advantage—and he actually did. The Indian crowd needs to look beyond the dirty games of reputation.

IITS Must Take a Backseat Reason 3
We keep reading about suicides committed by IITians at various IIT campuses. Most of these cases stem from the brutal peer pressure established by other engineers of the institution. Peer pressure is something, which is experienced by almost every one at the campus. The only way to fight this is to reduce the peer pressure by not overhyping the difficulty level of taking admission to IITs.

IITs Must Take a Backseat Reason 4
IITs are overhyped so much so that engineering aspirants not cracking the JEE-Main or JEE-Advance examination consider it as the end of their lives. It becomes the biggest failure of their lives. IITs must take a backseat to allow them to relax for a while. In fact, IITs should be just any other exam. 

IITs Must Take a Backseat Reason 5
IITs overshadow the quality of other reputed academic institutions. Does anyone even think about NITs, BITS Campuses, Delhi University, and AIIMS etc.? They are equally reputed. They have a great academic culture like IITs. When the heck they would get their due recognition?

IITs Must Take a Backseat Reason 6
All right! This is important. People are not born just to pursue engineering. IITs are so much overhyped that parents want their unborn babies to become IITians. For God’s sake! There are other lucrative careers too. You don’t have to be an engineer always. You got a dream. You are born to pursue your dreams irrespective of what it really is.  Don’t follow what others have achieved in your neighborhood. You are special. You can make it even more special by realizing that you really are.

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