Which State in India Tops JEE-Main 2014 Examination? Every year, around this season, the academic battle ground in the country turns ruthless as the two very important entrance examinations, JEE-Main and JEE-Advanced, approach all too quickly. The situation was similar even this year around. And the eyes were not only set on the performances of the candidates, but also on the performances of the states of the country.

So who won this endless battle of JEE-Main 2014 examination?

To make it a little interesting, let’s start it with the state which has lost it miserably.

It seems that the presence of even an IIT campus in Chennai has failed to motivate students to take up the race for the coveted IIT seats. According to reports, total percentage of candidates from Tamil Nadu vying for IIT seats is meager 2.5 percent. Tamil Nadu appears 14th on the list of the states with the highest number of students who have qualified for JEE-Advanced 2014.

On the contrary, Tamil Nadu’s neighboring state, Andhra Pradesh topped the list with 21, 818 candidates qualifying for the JEE-Advanced 2014 Exam. 14.7% candidates out of 1,58,981 who secured the JEE-Main cut-off and required to appear for the entrance examination for admission to 13 IITs and the Indian School of Mines in Dhanbad are from Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh has topped the list consecutively for the second time. It topped the list in the year 2013 as well.
With 19,409 candidates, Uttar Pradesh is 2nd on the list followed by Rajasthan (16,867), Maharashtra (13,626), Bihar (10,987), and Gujarat (10,037).
Uttar Pradesh was ranked 3rd on the list last year while Rajasthan was on the 2nd position. Maharashtra remains on the same spot on the list.
Bihar has improved its position. It is on 5th position this year compared to 7th position last year. Gujarat made a fresh entry to the top 10 list securing 6th position.
For better understanding, let’s review them in the table form.
Top Performing States in JEE-Main 2013 and 2014

2013 2014
Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh
Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan
Maharashtra Maharashtra
Delhi Bihar
Madhya Pradesh Gujarat

“This number also includes candidates who come under the particular state quota of eligibility. But there may be only a slight variation from the actual number,” the organizing chairman of JEE-Advanced 2014 from IIT-Kharagpur said.

Which State in India Tops JEE-Main 2014 Examination?

According to academicians, the key reason for disappointing rate of students qualifying for JEE-Advanced 2014 exam from Tamil Nadu is the big disparity between CBSE syllabus and its evaluation patterns.

“They are in completely different directions. One system prioritises rote memorisation, while the other focuses on conceptual clarity. Students are forced to make a choice between the state board exam or the JEE,” Balaji Sampath, IITian and JEE topper who provides JEE coaching online and offline explained.
“The number of students who take the JEE is low, because state board students are afraid of attempting the test. They can’t even start solving a problem, and back off as soon as they see the kind of questions they are likely to come across,” Sampath said.

Indian states producing the highest IITians!

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