Score Well In JEE-Main 2014 with Topic-Wise Forecast of QuestionsThe level of stress among students preparing for JEE-Main this year is at an all-time high for a number of reasons. Despite the fact, students are leaving no stones unturned to crack JEE and secure the coveted engineering seat in one of their favorite institutions.

As the exam date is drawing close, most students are busy honing their skills in other important aspects of exam preparations. Done with their preparations (most of them), they are identifying their weak points and working on them enthusiastically. This is the period when most students turn to previous years papers for a very different reason. They turn to previous years papers only to predict questions in the forthcoming exam.

Although predicting problems in the approaching exam is an ideal part of an exam preparation, not every can master it by just going through some old papers. There is no science behind it but logic is.

Students are required to carefully observe the pattern of all the questions on last few years’ exam papers. A cautious analysis can help you break the code and you might predict the questions correctly in the coming exam.

Going by the same belief, we too have done a careful analysis of the last ten years’ JEE papers in search of an interesting logical pattern. And guess what! We were successful, there was an interesting pattern. And based on that pattern, we have brought you the predicted number of questions of the subjects and their topics and sub-topics.

Predicted Number of Questions for JEE Main 2014: Mathematics

Topics No. of Questions
Quadratic Equations 3
Permutation and Combination 2
Matrices and Determinants 3
Trigonometry 2
Calculus 3
Vectors 3
Co-ordinate Geometry 2

Predicted Questions for JEE Main 2014: Physics

Topic No. of Questions
Electrostatics 4
Magnetism 2
Electricity 3
Properties of Solids 2
Modern Physics 7
Motion 0
Optics 4
Thermodynamics 5

Predicted Questions for JEE Main 2014: Chemistry

Topics No. of Questions
Hydrocarbons 0
Electrochemistry 2
Chemical Bonding 4
Thermodynamics 3
Alkyl Halides 0

The data above shows our predictions for the number of questions in JEE Main exam this year. This data has been based on our analysis of the last few years question papers. This analysis may vary from person to person.
This post was published by Rakesh Singh, The product head at askIITians and an IIT- Delhi and IIM-Kozhikode alumni.

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