Score well in BITSAT 2014: Know the common mistakes committed by students and the technique to avoid them!So how are you dear aspiring BITSian? All prepared to take the exam? BITSAT exam 2014 is undoubtedly an extremely challenging exam which demands consistent hard work. Most of the engineering aspirants who wish to take the BITSAT try their level best by referring good quality study material, studying day and night; solving numerous bitsat previous year papers and the list is endless. But the sad part is that in spite of working so hard, majority of them fail to get through!

The only reason behind this is that they miss out some minute yet important points which determine the success or failure in the exam. it is important to accept the fact that nobody s perfect and there’s always some scope for improvement. Once you commit some mistake in say BITSAT (God forbid!) then whatever excuses you may make, your chance is gone and nobody can change this fact. Confidence is good but over confidence can be detrimental.

We discuss here some of the common mistakes committed by students in BITSAT 2014 which ultimately fetch them low scores. Just knowing the mistakes is useless until you know how to avoid them. Hence we shall go into the intricacies and examine how exactly they can be avoided:

1. Suppose you are taking BITSAT entrance exam 2014. You begin with the maths section and try to attempt the first question. You try to solve first 3 questions, but fail to solve any. You get anxious and jump off to the Physics section. A bit disheartened, feeling the same you jump off to chemistry, logical reasoning and finally English. History repeats itself and you come back to Maths again. You are flooded with random thoughts and don’t really know what to do!

Possible way out: You are sitting for a national level exam dude. You cannot expect it to be a cakewalk! If you started with math then go on trying the questions of the same section. Jumping from one section to another will only trigger anxiety and reduce self-confidence. In case, you are not able to attempt questions and get confused then the most appropriate option would be to switch to logical reasoning or English.

But remember, you cannot dare to waste time and if you lose hope the game is lost!

2. Suppose you are attempting a question of the form x2 + 5x +6 (x ≠ -2). You are in such a hurry that you miss out the part given in bracket and you mark the answer as x = -3,-2.

What to Do: This is the silliest mistake committed by students. It is vital to attempt the paper with a calm mind and to read the complete questions. Anxiety can only spoil the game. In fact, in such questions, students are advised to encircle or mark the conditions so that they are reminded of the condition.

The given question is quite simple and you cannot obviously expect such question in exam. The idea is to highlight the fact that the conditions given in the question are often ignored by students. 

3. You are attempting some numerical of chemistry. You write extremely small in order to save space for coming sections. And you get stuck in the middle of the question! Now the issue is that you are not able to trace back your solution.

Possible alternative: Learners are advised to begin with the numerical section so as to avoid space fight for other sections. Moreover, agreed that you need to save space but you must write your solutions clearly so that you figure out previous steps of the solution. This not only increases accuracy but also saves time.
4. I am sure most of you would have faced this issue. You attempt a question and solve it completely. You get an answer that doesn’t match any of the four given options. You get exasperated and start solving the next questions over the solution of the previous question.

Better way: Whenever you face such a situation, write the question number on the top of the solution and proceed further. Don’t write anything on the solution of the previous question so that you can come back to it again to check the solution.  
Some other suggestions include:

  • Whenever you try to imagine a compound for attempting questions of organic chemistry you must do it on a paper.
  • Problems based on Newton’s laws must be solved cautiously since a change in sign of single force can change the solution altogether.
  • If you don’t mark your answers side by side, then just be careful while marking them at the end. Students often commit mistakes in marking their answers as well.

These are some of the possible ways how you can avoid these general mistakes committed by students and improve your scores. All the best!

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