"The Man of the Millennium Receives Recognition from UNO"

Mr. Kalayanasundaram, a 30 year old librarian from South India, has been honored for his outstanding services in social causes recently by United Nations Organizations. Being the first person who has donated his lifetime earnings (about Rs 10 lakhs) for social causes, UNO has included him in its list of the Outstanding People of the 20th Century.

He was also recognized for his services by an American organization, which adjudged him as the “Man of the Millennium”. He accepted the award money of Rs 30 crores only to donate it further for social causes.

Inspired by Mr. Kalayanasundaram, Mega Star Rajinikanth adopted him as his father. Mr. Kalayanasundaram has dedicated his all life to serving the society. But, ironically, the man who’s moved the entire world with his passion to help others is little known in India where he lives.

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