iitdli_optYou looked at the title and instantly visualized a messy room full of big fat books and a guy with spectacles studying on and on, didn’t you?

This article describes my life and experiences at IIT Delhi. Also, it clears some misconceptions about IIT. To the Non IITians, IIT is just about studies and students who are nerdy. In IIT, we study barely one third of the time we used to study during JEE. Our college has a great hostel life and there is much more to do than memorising the textbooks. There are many cultural clubs such as Debating Club, Literary Club, Dance and Dramatics (also known as Dandi), Music Club, Indoor Sports club and many more fulfilling the needs of a student. There is BSP (Board for Student Publications) that released a monthly magazine to which students contribute and show their creativity and talent. There is so much to do at IIT Delhi other than just studying.

BRCA (Board for Recreational and Cultural activities) organises events like Street Play, Group Dance (GD), Rock Night, Duo Dance etc. It is so much fun cheering for our respective Hostels and anti-cheering for other hostels during these events. GPLs on each birthday, Hostel Poltu (Politics) are some of the fun that we experience here in our eventful Hostel life. Fun days in the end of even semester such as BHM Night, House days are eagerly awaited by us. The main fests of IIT Delhi are: Speranza: This fest is usually held in September and is the first fest we experienced in our IIT life. It goes on for three days during which there are events such as Jeopardy, Treasure hunt over the whole campus and many fun events at Student activity Centre.

Literati: This event coincides with Speranza and includes many of the literary events such as Word games, poem composition, complete-the-story and many more. Rendezvous : Rendezvous is known as the North India’s biggest cultural fest. Rendezvous sees participation from a large number of students from over 350 colleges all over the country with a footfall of over 50,000. Rendezvous boosts the presence by the many celebrities from India and abroad. In the past, celebrities like Javed Ali, Farhan Akhtar, Anushka Sharma, Johan Abraham, Arjun Rampal and many more have come and been a part of the fest.

This fest is the summit of celebration at IITD. It involves a host of cultural events such as Street Play, Dance, Quizzing events and many more. This is the time for sheer, unadulterated enjoyment. Tryst The annual technical fest of IITD. This fest is a celebration of every IITian’s true love- Technology and Engineering. It includes the events like Guest lectures, Exhibitions and competitions.

Life is so much exciting here that I wonder how IIT ever got its reputation for stuffy academics. Sports, stage plays, Dance, Festivals … the fun never ends. Did we miss something? Oh yes, there is a little bit of study going on but we don’t miss the fun.

This post is contributed by Bharat Bajaj, An IIT Delhi  Student
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