123456Many allege that IITians are proud. This is not the truth. But there are certainly a few things that do irritate an IIT student or graduate to the core and even cause them to withdraw from social scenes (especially gatherings of the uninitiated and the clueless). Here are some of the few things you should ‘NOT’ say to an IITian:

  1. Which ITI are you from?

To get into an IIT, you work quite hard since Class 11 (Class 9 for some…and even Class 6 these days). You sacrifice your sleep, your hobbies, your social life and all your leisure life to get into these prestigious engineering colleges of India. And then, someone keeps saying that you are studying at an ITI (where any Tom, Dick and Harry can do diploma engineering courses).  Won’t your blood boil?

2.  Could you please help my son in Maths?

And would you please teach nursery rhyme to my nephew and play tic-tac-toe with my niece. Just because I worked hard to be an expert in Maths, it does not mean that I love to cure students from Maths phobia or bang my head with nut-heads who do not even know their tables well. So, would you please excuse me?

3.  Can you please fix my laptop, toaster or flush?

I am engineer and not a mechanic, plumber or hardware specialist.

4.  My cousin’s All India Rank was 30. What was your JEE rank?

Keep the comparisons in your pocket. Just because you couldn’t get admission in IIT, it does not mean that you have to show me down.

5. Why didn’t you go for foreign internships? You could have landed a good job there.

Not everyone gets chosen from cream internships abroad and not everyone is interested in them. Why don’t you run in next Lok Sabha Elections? You might become a Prime Minister.

6.  Schlumberger? Never heard the name. Didn’t you get a job in TCS or Infosys?

Brush up your knowledge first, moron, before questioning my career choices.

7.  What was your CAT percentile?

Do you mean JEE rank? Or you think it is a must for an IITian to take CAT test and get admission in IIMs?

 8.  Just 9 lakh? Why didn’t you try for that over-a-crore salary package?

Why didn’t you try to marry Aishwarya Rai? Why are you not President of the US, huh?

9.  What is the name of your girlfriend?









10.      Kota or Quota?

What are you trying to suggest…*******?

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