Some Inspirational Movies for Teachers! Which One Would You Gift Yours?

I remember when I was in school, during an Annual Day function, a chief guest asked the students, “Who amongst you all want to become a teacher?” Only one hand was raised. The chief guest called that boy on stage and told everyone, “He is that sun who will illuminate a thousand of stars like you tomorrow”. That was the day I realized the importance of teachers.

Educators often themselves need to be reminded of the significance of their jobs. Here are a few movies they can enjoy and take the intended message from!

1. Stand and Deliver
This classic teacher movie gives message that- never believe that students are unable to learn. In this, the teacher sets his sights much higher, getting the students to pass the AP Calculus examination. A brilliant, enjoyable ride.

2. Dangerous Minds
Teaching English in a tough local school, Michelle Pfeiffer reaches the ‘unteachable’ through caring and understanding. This movie does not fall into sentimentality, it purely teaches us the meaning of making our own choices and not allowing circumstances to rule us.

3. Lean on Me
This film shows the importance of having strong leadership at the top. Morgan Freeman, the principal, was not always the easiest on the teachers, who stressed on the importance of discipline and learning in his school always.

4. Mr. Holland’s Opus
In this memorable movie, Richard Dreyfuss, who was a composer had to take on a teaching job to support his family. Tough he dislikes it in the beginning, but in the end he realizes that he has had as much if not more of an impact from his teaching as he would have as a composer.

5. Dead Poet’s Society
Robin Williams gives an unforgettable performance as an unconventional English teacher in a very conservative private school. The central message of the movie is to live life to the fullest every day, which comes out very naturally.

6. To Sir, With Love
In this, Poitier takes a teaching position in the rough part of London in order to pay his bills. Realizing that his students need to be taught important life lessons, he throws out the lesson plans and makes a real impact on their personal lives.

7. The Miracle Worker
The ultimate teaching miracle character Annie Sullivan uses “tough love”’ to get across to the deaf and blind Helen Keller. Brilliant portrayal of the importance of perseverance. For this movie, both Bancroft and Duke won an Academy Award.

8. Renaissance Man
Devito’s performance as a teacher of the ‘Double Ds’ is both humorous and inspired. This light- hearted comedy truly has a deeper implication. Devito’s character proves that William Shakespeare still has much to teach students. This clean and somewhat corny at times movie, Renaissance Man, teaches important life lessons on responsibility and character.

9. Music of the Heart
This film shows the influence that one person’s drive and vision can have on others. A single mother moves to Harlem and becomes a violin teacher. Paving way through racial and other barriers, she creates an acclaimed music program in an area where many said it was impossible. Undeniably a heart- warming movie.

10. The Karate Kid
Not a normal ‘classroom’ flick, it has much to say to teachers- Basic skills are most important, Honour and integrity are central to character, etc. An enjoyable, nostalgic and inspirational movie to relish.

This post was published by Aditya Singhal, co-founder of askIITians.

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