Improve your Mathematics scores in the JEE Main and Advanced with the help of these notable books!  Preparing for the JEE Main and Advanced? Are you in a dilemma with regards to what books should be consulted? Which book is best for which topic, is the matter in a particular book sufficient for the exam … these are some of the questions doing rounds in the minds of most of the JEE takers. It is very important to make a correct choice of books as, if you have a good understanding of the theorems and concepts then it can do wonders for your rank in the JEE.

We give you the names of some of the notable books which will simplify your journey of preparation of IIT JEE. Mathematics deals in numerical and practical questions but, keep it in mind not to skip the theory portion in books before examples or exercises as it also helps in clearing the concepts.

Given below are some of the notable books:

NCERT Maths Classes 11 and 12

The NCERT textbooks should always be the first step of your preparation be it Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics. The NCERT books contain all the relevant matter along with basic and easy questions. They help in laying a firm conceptual groundwork and in increasing your confidence. Once you grasp all the concepts you can move over to the advanced problems.

A. Das Gupta Objective

This book is the best resource for practicing the concepts you have already learnt. Mathematics is a subject in which there is no end to practice, so the more you practice the better are your chances of being successful in the exam.

SL Loney for Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry

This book is undoubtedly a very good book on Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry. It covers various topics but the only issue is that it also covers some topics which do not form a part of the JEE (neither Main nor Advanced). so keep a note of the syllabus if you happen to consult this book.

GN Berman

Refer this book for clearing your concepts on calculus as it contains all the topics with adequate details and the related examples. But do not consult this book for any other topic besides calculus as it contains higher level questions which are not required for the JEE so it might confuse you.

Besides these, some other books that you may refer include:

  • IA Maron for Calculus
  • A Majeed for Co-ordinate Geometry
  • Hall and Knight for Algebra
  • A Das Gupta for extensive practice and problem solving.

We hope that this information on books will prove to be fruitful for you and it may help you in improving your scores in the JEE. But try not to consult too many books as it only leads to confusion. Every book has its own symbols and language, so try referring not more than two books and cover them thoroughly. You may take mock tests and consult the past year papers for practice.
More Important Books For IIT-JEE

This post was written by Aditya Singhal, co-founder of askIITians.

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