IIT Bombay remains the top most choice amongst JEE top rankersCounselling for successful candidates at the Indian Institute of Technology through JEE (Advanced) 2014 is over and  Indian Institute of Technology Bombay still remains the most preferred institute for engineering aspirants with 58 of the top 100 rankers joining it. Out of the top 10 rankers, Computer Science engineering emerged as the most sought after course with nine aspirants opting for it at IIT Bombay. However, the number of admits for the course at IIT B have reduced from the last year which were 67.

After IIT Bombay, IIT- Delhi & Chennai came up next in the order of preference. 36 engineering aspirants out of top 100 have secured a seat at IIT-Delhi as opposed to 29 in 2013. Devang Khakar, Director at IIT Bombay was elated to see 44 out of the top 50 rankers opting for the Powai institute. According to him, students have given more importance to the stream as compared to the location. Once the seats in computer science were occupied, aspirants looked at the other IITs.

Aditi, the only female amongst the top 10 rankers has also chosen computer science at IIT-Delhi. The top 100 rankers have preferred Computer Science at IIT Bombay and IIT-D the most, followed by a degree in electrical engineering. Only one aspirant has signed up for a dual degree programme in computer science at IIT-D while the remaining top rankers have chosen the flagship B.Tech degree programmes at IIT-B, IIT-D, IIT-K & IIT-M.

50 aspirants out of the top 100 rankers this year have been presented by Andhra Pradesh, the popular engineering coaching hub. However, Madras, the closest state to AP, managed to get only four students amongst the top 100 rankers this year as opposed to nearly 30% of the cream choosing Chennai earlier. The major reason cited behind this dip by the students is food. “Students have often mentioned about the food at IIT-Madras as it does not match with the kind of food at Bombay or Delhi. Nevertheless, all our students are good, whether they are amongst the top 100 or not”, said an IIT-M dean.

Surprisingly, IIT-Kharagpur, Roorkee and Guwahati have not got even a single student from the ‘cream of the lot’.

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