Most students who are looking to make a career as a successful doctor need to go through the channel of giving the NEET exams which are conducted by the CBSE board twice every year. All those students who are gearing up to give the NEET exams, online preparation is one of the best methods.

As a routine for online NEET preparation, every student needs to know that there are 3 subjects that need to be tackled. Three subjects are physics, chemistry and biology, and each of these subjects is important and need to be covered from scratch.  While preparing for the NEET exams online, it is important to remember that the key is to follow a proper schedule and then stick to it. With three subjects to take care of it becomes important to remember that no subject can be left out. So here are some tips that can help you online preparation for Physics as you gear up to crack the NEET exams.

The first step for online NEET preparation is to know what is the subject that you are going to be dealing with. Once you know Physics and the important topics that you need to prepare your will have an idea of how to prioritize and what to prepare.  Physics, on the whole, is a rather diverse subject and if not dealt with understanding, then things will go out of hand. Some of the most important topics in Physics are:
• Mechanics
• Electrodynamics
• Modern Physics
• Heat and Thermodynamics
• Optics
• Simple Harmonic Motion & Waves

Each of the topics in Physics is equally relevant and important and missing out even one will lead to a student missing out on marks. Once you are thorough with all the topics you will know exactly what is in store for you. If you think you need help in preparing these topics, you can opt for online classes for NEET.

The next step is to maintain a notebook to write all the formulas after finishing every chapter because many questions are formula based. Trust us there are so many formulas that one will come across and it will get confusing to keep in mind all the formulas together. So whenever you finish one chapter, it will be good if you can note down all the important formulas and exactly what they are being used for. Practical application of all these formulas will help you remember them better.

Revise and Refresh:

Physics has so many concepts, and the moment you finish one chapter and move on to the next it will be highly likely that you forget all that you studied before. The best online NEET coaching institutes suggest that in such cases, it will be beneficial if you keep revising the previous chapter from time to time because many concepts of 11th class are used to understand the 12th class chapters. There is always some link in between chapters and this is why it becomes all the more important to understand and remember whatever you learn and then
connect the dots.

Keep a practical approach:

It is true that in Physics the theory is rather crucial  and critical to understand. But, a very large part of physics is solving the practical aspect which is numerical. Thus from time to time along with all the theory, it is very important to solve numericals as well. Because in physics understanding only the theory is not going to help you. It will be also advisable if you can go through the sample papers of the previous years to solve questions from it as well. Students
today can enroll in NEET online coaching classes and seek help in solving past papers.

Time Management is the key:

All said and done compared to biology and chemistry, physics as a subject will demand more time from you. So prepare a schedule and then stick to that schedule. You will have to spend more time and give more hours to Physics and that is definitely a given. In NEET online
coaching, students can get an idea of how to manage their time the best.

Too much insight will make you lose sight: part of studying and NEET preparation online means that students will be preparing and consulting different books. It is important to keep in mind not to refer too many books at once because each book will confuse you more. It is also important to take guidance and refer to books that are genuine and listed by the CBSE board. Books by D.C Pandey and H.C Verma are some of the books that you can refer to at all times.

As important as it is to clear these exams it is important to know why you are doing this. Scoring high is definitely every student objective but it is important to remain focussed and not lose sight of what is important. Don’t get nervous and keep in mind these points, because tensed nerves and a confused mind will not help you reach your goal of cracking the NEET exams in 2020.

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