For a couple of months now the entire globe is fighting an enemy which is probably by far the most dangerous and worst of all invisible. Yes, this enemy is most certainly the new disease which is caused by a virus. The epicenter of the novel coronavirus was China, and after killing almost thousands there, it fast spread to other parts of the globe such as Italy, Spain, Germany, USA and India as well.

When such calamities strike it often takes a toll on people of every age and generation. Businesses come to a complete standstill, and students who are preparing for their high school exams or even exams such as NEET exams 2020 and  IIT JEE 2020 get affected the most. When the battle is being fought against an enemy who sees no race, age or religion, it becomes all the more crucial to be prepared by taking the necessary precautions as an attempt to fight a global pandemic. Coronavirus has most certainly brought students to a complete standstill, and there is no denying that students all over the globe have come face to face with situations that they were never prepared to handle. 

With the novel coronavirus establishing a firm foot in places one after the other, the one decision that almost every country was forced to take was the closing down of schools and colleges. Now, with the students sitting at home, the greatest concern during the lockdown period has become of the fact that students are missing out on crucial college time and are unable to attend their NEET exams 2020 and IIT JEE 2020 coaching centers as well. Cooped up inside their homes, one major problem that students of all age groups are facing is how to concentrate on their studies and revision time in the presence of a chaotic household. 

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The biggest brunt, however, will be faced by all those students who are gearing up to enter their high school or college. With most educational institutes such as schools and universities have shut down indefinitely, students who are in the transition period will face the maximum brunt of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Furthermore, this unplanned break for the students will only act as a medium in widening the gap between the high and low-income students. This will pose a problem because most students who belong to the employment class category might not be able to resume their studies post the coronavirus pandemic.

Those students who are preparing actively for important entrance exams such as the NEET exams 2020 and IIT JEE 2020 both nationally and internationally, will have a major gap in their understanding of important and crucial topics as well. This will hinder their performance evaluation during the final NEET exams 2020 and IIT JEE 2020 exams, and a ripple effect will see many students being unable to fulfill their ambitions of becoming doctors and engineers. 

It is also true that most students who are till year eight, will be promoted to the next class without any examination, and this will be a real step down considering there will be no litmus test to check whether or not they are actually deserving of going to the next grade. This in many ways will actually take so many students back by so many years, and in the long run, this major act will cause them to harm professionally as well. 

As far as the students who are preparing for the NEET exams 2020 and IIT JEE 2020 the task only becomes more of an upclimb. It is very necessary that students preparing for the NEET exams 2020 and IIT JEE 2020 stay in touch with the subject through regular classes, but with the widespread reach of the coronavirus, there is no forecast that can predict the loss that these students might suffer. It is lucky that since most universities are switching to online classes, there are portals available that provide all the support when it comes to coaching for the NEET and the IIT JEE exams as well. 

With announcements of closures being extended in most parts of the globe, it is only natural that most educational institutes such as schools and colleges will also push back their dates for reopening. In cases like this there is never a fixed timeline that can tell the students as to when normal academic life will resume. This by far happens to be the biggest challenge and threat that students will get affected by due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Another ripple effect that may be caused due to this virus is that all those students who are probably the only earning members of their family may be pushed into working much earlier on. With many families being forced out of jobs and means of earning, there is no denying that a large number of students may never get the opportunity to return to a life of school and university post the coronavirus exits globally. Students will be forced into adulthood even before they get the chance to live life as an adolescent student.

Be it a student is a school, or then in later years of college and university-based learning, missed school and university time equals to missed learning, and that is something that can never be compensated for. The loss of learning will be substantial and for those students who come from economically backward families, this blow will be one from which they might never be able to recover.  

Just like there are plenty of online classes that help students train for the NEET exams 2020 and IIT JEE 2020, there are several portals that offer online coaching and sessions for students who are in high school by providing them online coaching and support. Almost recently even most full-time teachers who are associated with schools and universities are switching to taking online sessions for their students on online platforms such as Zoom. 

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The prediction of the intensity of the ways in which students are getting affected by the coronavirus outbreak is one that can never be measured. But, nonetheless what matters is how well students can use this time at home to prepare for their exams and still manage to utilize their time in the most effective way. 


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