Excel in the JEE Chemistry 2014 with these brilliant books!
Excel in the JEE Chemistry 2014 with these brilliant books!
  • Preparing for JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2014?
  • Puzzled regarding what books should be consulted? Your success or failure to a large extent depends on the material referred for the preparation. So it is of utmost importance that you refer the most appropriate books that provide you complete knowledge with appropriate details and in easily comprehendible language.

Here we provide you the details of the best books for Chemistry and hope that this information will satiate your curiosity with regards to books and that these books help you score well in the exam.

Here’s the list of books you can refer:

NCERT Chemistry Class 11 and 12

It is very important to build up a very good foundation because unless the fundamentals are clear it would not be possible for you to tackle the problems in the JEE easily. The NCERT chemistry books used in standards 11th and 12th are good enough for clearing the fundamentals and you must work on all the in text and the exercise problems before moving on to the harder problems.

O.P. Tandon

You cannot imagine of skipping the O.P. Tandon’s Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry books whether you’re preparing for IIT-JEE or any other engineering entrance exam. These books are very useful for clearing the concepts and forming a good base.

P. Bhadhur

P. Bhadhur’s books are the ultimate books as far as the JEE or the state level engineering exams are concerned. These books cover all the problems from various state level exams in a very easy language. All the important topics along with the appropriate description have been included.

Arihant Organic Chemistry Objective

though the NCERT books contain all the requisite theory on Organic and Inorganic but for more matter on these topics you may consult the books of Arihant publication which are printed every year in accordance with the current pattern in the JEE.

In addition to the above listed books, some other notable books include:

  • J.D.Lee
  • P.W.Atkins
  • Arihant Objective for IIT JEE.

Though we have referred you all the important books here but this does not mean that you will start referring all of them. Consulting too many books can land you in a state of utter confusion. So it is advised to just refer one or two books and cover them thoroughly. Consult mock test series and the past year papers for practice.

Hope these books help you score extremely well in the JEE!

More Important Books For IIT-JEE
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