Engineering colleges listed non-eligible for EAMCET web counsellingThe EAMCET counselling 2014 for engineering admissions will start from 17th August, Sunday and it will continue till 25th August.

On Saturday the renewal list of the EAMCET colleges that have been approved affiliation has been issued and out of 315 colleges of the Osmania University region, around 174 private engineering colleges have been denied the renewal for non-compliance of AICTE regulations properly. The worst part is that the eligible private pharmacy Colleges have now been reduced to around 61-146. It reflects that this year more than 50 percent of the eligible pharmacy and engineering colleges under Osmania University region have been marked as non-eligible. They do not have the right to intake candidates for the various courses that offer.

Mr. Raghunath, the camp office of EAMCET said to the press that the colleges which are eligible for the affiliation renewal were granted the renewal every year before the counselling of EAMCET. JNTU-K in AU region, JNTU-H in OU region as well as JNTU Anantapur, SVU region conducted a special inspection of the pharmacy and engineering colleges this year before the beginning of the counselling session. This is done to renew the list of colleges that come under the eligible category. While the inspection is being carried out, a number of important factors have been taken in consideration, including labs, faculty strength, libraries, qualifications, infrastructure facilities etc. Various other related parameters have also been taken into account.

A list is prepared after the inspection is conducted, which has been submitted to the State Council for Higher Education. Again, it was forwarded to the admissions committee of EAMCET who gave it to the camp office, and finally the list is released. As per this new renewed list, the private affiliated college seats, OU region have been reduced by a large extent. The seats have reduced from 1, 84,575 to 85,455. For pharmacy college seats it has decreased from 18,564 to 10,910.

However, according to the surveys, there has not been any vast decrease in the number of college seats under the SVU and AU university regions.  In case of the AU region the number of colleges has reduced from 212 to 206. On the other hand, in the SVU region, the list has reduced from 118 to 112. There has not been a major decrease in the number of colleges. The private pharma colleges have just reduced by 10 under the AU region, earlier it was 85, but now it stands 75. In SVU region, the number of colleges stands at 36, which were previously 37. But as compared to the OU regions, the seats in both these universities have reduced marginally. 

Private Colleges after the renewal of the eligible affiliated colleges
OU Region
Pharmacy 61
Engineering 141
AU Region
Pharmacy 75
Engineering 206
AU Region
Pharmacy 36
Engineering 113


Pharma and engineering seats for the academic year 2014
Engineering Seats
University colleges 7,184
Private colleges
SVU Region 54,869
OU Region 85,455
AU Region 1,13,640
Pharmacy seats
University colleges 600
Private colleges
SVU Region 3,120
OU Region 10,910
AU Region 7,490


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