Birla Institute of Technology and Science commonly known as BITS is one of the premier engineering institutes of the country. Year after year, the number of applicants taking the BITS Pilani entrance exam has been increasing. BITS, which originally started in Pilani now has two more campuses one each in Goa and Hyderabad.

This elite institute is now regarded as one of the most sought after engineering institutes of the country. Lakhs of students fight for some thousand seats in its various campuses.

We bring out a comparative analysis of BITSAT 2013 with BITSAT 2011 and 2012 based on number of applicants, and the rising cut-off in its three campuses.

 Applicants vs. number of seats in various engineering exams:

In the year 2012, around 5.2 lakh applicants competed for 9600 seats in IIT JEE. This shows that around 54 students were competing for a single seat. Similarly, even in AIEEE (which is now the JEE Main) around 31 students competed for a single seat. The scenario was not better even in case of BITSAT. About 1.36 lakh students took BITSAT 2012 to compete for about 2,000 seats on offer in BITS Pilani campuses. The comparison is tabulated below:

 Exam Name Total applicants Number of seats Selection Ratio
IIT JEE 5.2 lakh 9600 54
BITSAT 1.36 lakh 2000 68
AIEEE 11 lakh 35000 31

Number of applicants is on an increase….
BITSAT has been gaining momentum year after year. This is apparent from the increasing number of applicants taking the BITSAT every year. While just 77000 aspirants took BITSAT 2007, the number increased to 123000 in the year 2011. Since then tis number has been on a rising trend and this clearly shows that BITSAT is gaining immense popularity and lakhs of engineering aspirants eye this national exam. The latest data shows that the number of students who sat for BITSAT 2012 was 1, 36000 which increased to 1,60,000 in 2013. One of the reasons behind this has been the lowering of eligibility criteria from 80% to 75% in the qualifying exam.

Cut off of the three BITS campuses…
BITS Pilani has always been the first choice of students when it comes to the question of various BITS campuses. And hence the cut-off for BITS Pilani is always higher than the other two. We compare cut-off of the three campuses in respect of some courses:
B.E (Hons) Computer Science:

BITS Pilani obviously acquired the first slot with a cut-off of 354. This was followed by Goa with the cut-off being 323. The cut-off of BITS Hyderabad was 316.

B.E (Hons) Electrical & Electronics:
BITS Pilani was at the first slot with 343 which was followed by 305 for Goa. Hyderabad is again at the third position with the cut-off being 300.

B.E (Hons) Mechanical:
BITS Pilani obviously acquired the first slot with a cut-off of 337. This was followed by Hyderabad with the cut-off being 308. The cut-off of BITS Goa was 300.

B.E (Hons) Electronics & Instrumentation:
BITS Pilani was at the first slot with 332 which was followed by 299 for Hyderabad. Goa was at the third position with the cut-off being 291.

 Analysis of score ranges:
The number of candidates with score greater than or equal to 225 in the year 2011 was 20338 while in the year 2012, it was 21805. The number increased to 25617 in 2013. Similarly, the number of students coming in different score ranges is listed below:

No. of candidates with score 2011 2012 2013
≥ 225 20338 21805 25617
≥ 250 13326 13984 17044
≥ 300 3997 4119 5860
≥ 350 761 706 1316
≥ 400 46 162

Hence this analysis clearly shows that BITSAT has gained immense popularity in the past few years. It is one of the top-notch engineering exams of the world!
This post was published by Aditya Singhal, co-founder of askIITians.

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