What is DASA (Direct Admission of Students Abroad)?

The DASA is an initiative by the government of India for NRI’s and PIO students to get admissions into some of the best Engineering Colleges in India. The applicant must have completed his/her Class 11 and 12 from a country outside of India to be eligible for DASA.

The DASA scheme has been using the SAT Subject Tests or SAT II  as they are commonly known as selection criteria. Students are expected to write SAT II Exams in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Level 2. Admissions are based on the total SAT score out of 2400 (800 for each subject).

Recently few changes were announced for DASA from the Year 2021-22:

  • The government of India has announced that from the year 2021, DASA and CIWG admissions will no longer be based on the scores in SAT Subject Tests.
  • The candidates JEE Main Engineering Entrance Exam scores will be considered for admissions under DASA. JEE Main is India’s largest Engineering Entrance Exam attempted by around 1.2 million students every year.
  • For DASA admissions students would no longer need SAT-II Scores.
  • Students will need to prepare and appear only for JEE Main Entrance Exams for DASA admissions.

JEE Mains as an examination needs more preparation and in-depth subject knowledge. Students preparing for JEE Mains can expect the questions to be relatively more challenging compared to SAT Subject Tests.

Start your preparation for JEE Mains & Advanced today:

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