How to Choose the Best Branch of Engineering?So guys, school days are finally over! Just cleared your twelfth and you feel that’s the end of all sorts of problems! But hold on guys, this is just the beginning of a new phase of problems.You are likely to get confused while selecting the most appropriate road for you.

You have numerous people to guide you on this including your parents, friends, relatives, neighbours … and the list is endless.The options that they have are either medical or engineering. Finally you are pushed to pursue engineering. The difficult days are not yet over and you are yet to face the biggest challenge of your life! The biggest dilemma arises when you have to choose the branch you wish to study for the next 4 years of your life. Moreover, your future depends on this decision to a great extent. No need to fret friend, we are there to escort you to the right path.

As a matter of fact, there’s no such thing as the “best branch”.Yes, majority of won’t agree but it’s a fact that diverse branches of engineering are specialized in diverse field of applications. So, you can’t really ignore any of them. Firstly you must consider the possible cut-offs of different colleges and branches in the best colleges in India. Then you are likely to get perplexed in making a choice between branches like civil engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering or electronics. You cannot assume that the civil engineering career would be more rewarding than mechanical or other branches.On the same lines, Computer Science cannot be considered to be better than Electronics because in a way that would imply that the one who uses a computer is superior to the one who has actually manufactured it. Doesn’t this sound a bit weird?Even the converse does not hold good.  It is due to the knowledge of computer science that we are able to scrutinize everything digitally. Same is the case with all other branches.

This just means that all the branches are at par. but then your dilemma still persists! How do you decide the most appropriate road? Relax. Just try to find answers to these questions before making this important decision.

  •  Do you really wish to pursue engineering?
  • What are your interests? Is it Programming, circuits, industries, chemical reactions or buildings that excites you the most?
  •   Are you being true while answering these questions?

You are your best judge and hence be honest while answering these questions. You must answer it from your heart and not on the basis of other factors like money, parents, etc. Agreed that there are hell lot of opportunities in the IT sector but that should not be the reason of choosing this stream. It has often been witnessed that numerous people from non-IT sectors mint more money as compared to those from the IT sector. This eliminates the monetary reason. It is your life and so first identify your field of interest and then try to judge everything around you.

Once you have found the answers to the above questions, the tough time is over!Forget every other branch and now the best branch is your chosen domain. Work hard and you will surely be successful.

Just in case your answer to the first questions is no, i.e. you are not interested in engineering no need to worry. Engineers are not the only successful lot of people in this world! You must pursue the area of our interest. If you capitulate to the pressure from others you are sure to commit a blunder. Nobody can return the four years of your life!
It is rightly said, “If you do what you love, then you’ll never work a day in your life.”

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