Beautiful Colleges – Top 10 Engineering College Campuses in India IIT Bombay

How wonderful it would be to have the best of studies and ambience rolled into one!  Engineering colleges have begun investing heavily, hoping to project a beautiful engineering college campus as one of the reasons for the top talent to take admission into an institute.  We take a look at the best engineering college campuses and best hostels in India.

IIT Guwahati

Top 10 Engineering College Campuses IIT guwahati

IIT Guwahati offers the scenic beauty of the Brahmaputra, with its migratory birds and glorious sunrises and sunsets along with its other facilities.  The college was established in 1994, spans 285 hectares, and has eleven departments, three inter-disciplinary academic centers covering engineering, science and humanities.  The colleges offers BTech, BDes, MA, MDeS, MTech, MSc and PhD programs in all the major disciplines of engineering, science and humanities.

IIT Roorkee
Top 10 Engineering College Campuses in India IIT RoorkeeIIT Roorkee offers a British-style administrative block, a lush green campus, wide roads lined with trees, walkways and gardens.  The campus houses a temple, church and mosque inside the campus.  It also has a four-storeyed library and hostels which are 7-8 storeys high.  IIT Roorkie has its own army headquarters inside its campus, and offers synthetic basketball courts, a cricket ground, football ground, hockey grounds, lawn tennis courts and an Olympic size swimming pool for sports lovers.

Forest Research Institute

Top 10 Engineering College Campuses in India Forest Research Institute

Originally the British Imperial Forest School, the Forest Research Institute was founded in 1878 at Dehradun.  The main building of the institute, inaugurated in 1929 is a National Heritage.  The building was designed by CG Bloomfield using Greko-Roman architecture.

The campus houses the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy where fresh batches of officers of the Indian Forest Service undergo their induction and two years of training. The campus is lush green, with forests and gardens spread over the entire 1,300 acres.  A number of films such as Student of the Year and Paan Singh Tomar have been shot at the Forest Research Institute.

Indian Institute of Science

Top 10 Engineering College Campuses in India Indan Institute of Science (IISC)

The Indan Institute of Science (IISC) was set up in 1909 at Bengaluru.  The institution was originally conceived by Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata, and was set up on 400 acres of land donated by the Maharaja of Mysore in 1907.  The campus is one of the best Engineering college campuses, with around 110 different species of woody plants and exotic herbs.  The institute is criss-crossed by roads such as the Mahogany Marg, the Tala Marg, the Nilgiri Marg, the Amra Marg, the Gulmohar Marg, the Badami Marg, the Ashoka Marg, the Silver Oak Marg and the Arjuna Marg.

The buildings of the institute hold a special place too.  The main building has a monument of JN Tata sculpted by Gilbert Bayes.  The  college building was designed by CF Stevens and Company of Bombay in 1913.  The buildings for metallurgy and aerospace were designed by Otto Königsberger, the german architect in the early 1940s.  The campus also has a gym, football and cricket ground, a multicuisine restaurant, five women’s hostels, nine men’s hostels, a library, two shopping centers, four dining messes, six cafeterias and residential areas for faculty and staff.

NIT Srinagar

Top 10 Engineering College Campuses in India  NIT Srinagar

NIT Srinagar has an inbuilt advantage in terms of beauty, because it is located in the Himalayas, close to Srinagar city.  The engineering college was established in 1960, and is located close to the Hazratbal shrine.  The institute is residential, with facilities for students and staff.  The campus has one girls hostel and four boys hostels to accommodate 200 girls and 1500 boys.

NIT Srinagar has a number of facilities such as NSS, bank, recreational center, guest house, gym, telephone booths, diesel generator, bus facility, fax services, Internet center, activity center, dispensary with ambulance and a shopping complex.


Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology

 Top 10 Engineering College Campuses in India Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology

Located on the scenic banks of the river Teesta, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Engineering (SMIT) is surrounded by hills and greenery.  The campus is situated at Majitar, Rangpo in East Sikkim.  Forest pines and the slight cold of the hills give it a wholesome and idyllic feel.  The surrounding areas are ideal for long walks, giving the complete feel of the hills.  Established in 1997, the engineering college is AICTE approved and has also been accredited by the National Board of Accreditation in 2008.

RMK Engineering College

Top 10 Engineering College Campuses in India RMK Engineering College

The RMK Engineering College is located in Chennai.  Established in 1995, the campus is spread over 60 acres of land.  The engineering college has its own energy park, and uses solar energy for powering lights and pumping water on the campus.

The entire campus is lush green, with plants and shady trees.  It was adjudged the Most Green and Clean Campus of 2003 by the Rotary Club of Chennai.  The campus has been active in rainwater harvesting, using harvested water for bathrooms and kitchen cleaning.  Waste water is also recycled to be used for various activities on campus.

IIT Kharagpur

Top 10 Engineering College Campuses in India IIT Kharagpur

The design of the IIT Kharagpur campus was done by a team guided by the Swiss architect Werner M Moser, making it one of the best engineering college campuses in the country.  The campus is spread over approximately 2,100 acres and was established in 1951.  It has 21 student hostels housing around 20,000 residents.  The most beautiful part of the IIT Kharagpur campus is the Technology Students’ Gymkhana.  The Gymkhana has a swimming pool, gymnasium, indoor and outdoor stadia.  A number of special groups such as dramatics society, aquatic society, film society, music society are active under the aegis of the Gymkhana.

The lake and garden surrounding the campus, the Nehru Museum, Martyrs Memorial , Hijli Shahid Bhavan and Old Prison cell  are other highlights of the campus

BITS Pilani Goa

Top 10 Engineering College Campuses in India BITS Pilani Goa

The KK Birla Goa Campus of BITS Pilani was established in 2004.  The campus is surrounded by hillocks, forests, greenery and the Zuari river.  The campus was designed by the RSP design group, and has classrooms with soundproofing, shopping complexes, department stores, bank, medical center with doctors, computer labs and a huge library.  The engineering college campus also carries the beauty of Goa with it, with access to the sea and beaches thrown in.  A truly wonderful academic and scenic experience!

IIT Bombay

Top 10 Engineering College Campuses in India IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay is located at Powai, on the outskirts of Mumbai.  The campus is surrounded by the Powai lake, the Vihar lake and the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.  A lot of wildlife can be seen, including gharials, leopards and panthers.  The Sameer Hill, close to the campus provides a refreshing climb, and makes the area even more green and beautiful.

The main building has various departments interconnected by a corridor called the Infinite Corridor.  The campus also has swimming pools, hockey ground, tennis, squash, basketball and volleyball courts.  It has a total of 15 hostels and a Students Activity Center (SAC).

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