Another year of exuberant participation in GRIP and exhibition of creativity through various activities!

With outstanding submissions from all the participants, it becomes really difficult to choose the best from them. But congratulating everyone for their participation, with heavy heart, GRIP announces the chosen top activities from them all.

Biology Activity

Life in a Nutshell!

For long now, you have seen how everything in nature is placed and how beautifully it is managed in our biosphere, but ever wondered how all of this comes into play?

Don’t you worry? You soon are going to figure that out whilst performing this activity. Just go ahead and try solving this task, you’re in for a row of discoveries!

  •  What does this image signify? 
  • List all the probable ways how every organism is interdependent in the ecosystem. 
  • Design one at your home and present pictures/videos

Best Performers

Chemistry Activity

Neutralization and you!!

When acids and bases react, they result in the formation of salt and water as products and this reaction is called neutralization reaction.
In our everyday life we come across many situations which involve neutralization reactions. A very common example is  during indigestion, when too much acid is produced inside the stomach resulting in stomach disorder or acidity. In order to retrieve the pain we take bases such as milk of magnesia. Another example is the effect of ant sting which is caused by formic acid which is neutralized by rubbing moist baking soda (basic in nature).

Think of more such examples!! 
Create a video by using any one of these daily life examples of neutralization reactions which you come across.

Best Performer

Physics Activity

Living on the Moon

Gravitation force is one of the four fundamental forces of nature and the one binding us to the surface of the Earth. Without it, we will all be just floating around in space, there will be no atmosphere, etc. But our species was born on Earth and our ways of life have adjusted to its gravity.

Now, gravity on the Moon is lesser as compared to that on Earth because of its smaller size. Not just the Physics, but our whole lives will be affected if we start living on the moon. And that’s precisely what we need to plan for! 

(Of course, the boundaries in the game of cricket need to be larger on the moon”, isn’t it?)


Imagine and write in not more than 1000 words how your everyday life would be different if you were living on the moon with your family and how you would be dealing with it.

Best Performer

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