Accomplishments of non-iitians!Couldn’t make it to JEE despite a lot of hard work? So what! JEE does not assure you of a successful life and not every accomplished person is an IITian! Life is a race and you have to keep on taking various exams. IIT JEE does not limit your prospects in life in any way! Success does not refer your certificates or degrees. It is only your hard work that can pay you off!

We share here some of the success stories of non-iitians to prove our point that you can touch the pinnacle of success despite being a non-iitian.

Mr A M Naik made it to the top position in L&T despite having done Mechanical Engineering from an average college in Vallabh Vidyanagar in Gujarat. In the beginning he was offered a meager sum of Rs 670 a month and within one and a half years he became the workshop in charge. While initially he struggled in English, but before the age of 25 he had around 800 workers under him.

A 22 year old final year student of Kongu Engineering College, K Prasanna grabbed a job at Rolls-Royce with the package of $92,000 per year which exceeds the highest package of even IIT Madras. Prasanna had also made it to an IIT for BTech but he did not enroll into it because of his interest Mechanical. He also declined an internship offer from one of the IIMs as he was not interested in management. Prasanna believes that his extra knowledge and interest other than the curriculum helped him to answer the interview questions. Rolls-Royce offer, he believes is an opportunity to further his knowledge of engines, fuels and combustion.

Another name that appears in the list of successful non-iitians includes a young drop-out of a college who had no degrees but oodles of self-confidence. He started by joining HP, learnt web development and worked as a consultant for 7 months. He then made a product called ‘Stuff’ in association with an n MBA lady. Then they introduced a blog thing called Weblog. Soon their attention shifted from Stuff to Weblog but it generated no revenue. The team of 2 had grown to 7 but due to lack of revenues everybody left and this fellow was alone again. Then he learnt Linux and Java and did not lose hope. His rents were piling up, girlfriend broke up with him and everything was going worse. The blog now named Blogger was doing well and had 50000 users. He started with ads and was lent a desk for free in a company. He then wrote the blogger APi, which became very important later on by hiring a programmer and redesigning it a bit. Then a Blogger Pro was introduced, and got back staff on board to take this product full time. He was the called by Google.
Some of the most affluent industrialists like Lakshmi Mittal(St. Xaviers, Kolkata) & Mukesh Ambani(ICT Mumbai) are Non-IITians as well.

So don’t worry of not getting the IIT tag and we hope that this piece would help in boosting your confidence of acquiring the most despite being a non-iitian.

This post was written by Nishant Sinha, co-founder of askIITians.

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