8 IIT JEE Books You Must Have for JEE Advanced PreparationStudy resources you use to prepare for JEE Advanced exam play a very important role in helping you to crack the exam. JEE Advanced (formerly known as IIT JEE) is considered to be one of the toughest entrance exams of the world. All JEE preparation tips tell you to focus on practice but until you know your theory and concepts well, it will not be possible for you to solve JEE questions.

AskIITians experts, who have first-hand experience of cracking JEE and making it to the IITs as well as years of experience in guiding and helping other IIT aspirants to achieve their goals, have prepared a list of 8 IIT JEE preparation books that have all that you need to score well in JEE Advanced exam:


1.  Concepts of Physics – HC Verma (Volume I & II) 

Bible of Physics for Class 11 and Class 12 students authored by Dr H C Verma[A1]  is an all-inclusive book that explains all topics in an intricate manner. It contains all the solved examples and questions you need to prepare for competitive examinations. H C Verma has been hailed by generations of IIT aspirants as a perfect book for them.

2.  Physics – Resnick & Halliday (Volume I & II)

Even Dr H C Verma accepted that Resnick Halliday was his favourite Physics book when he was a student. Today, too, it is the most comprehensive and detailed Physics book available in the market. This book has been recommended her especially for Mechanics and Energy. Its recent edition has been updated according to the latest Physics education research.

3.  Physical Chemistry – O P Tondon

A S Singh and O P Tandon has authored a perfect Chemistry textbook by the name of ‘A New Generation Book For JEE & All Other Engineering Entrance Examinations’. As the name suggests, it contains all that you need to excel JEE entrance exam.

4.  Numerical Chemistry – P Bahadur

Dr P Bahadur’s book ‘New Pattern Numerical Chemistry: A New Pattern Book for IIT-JEE and all Other Engineering Entrance Dr Examinations’ is a good guide for Class 11 and Class 12 students to help them master numerical chemistry. Solved examples given in the book are explained well.

5.  Mathematics – Cengage

Cengage Learning India publishes books for higher education. Its Mathematics book might not be a very popular name but those who have used it swear by it. Try it yourself.

6. Trigonometry, Coordinate Geometry – S L Loney

For advanced courses in Mathematics, S L Loney’s book ‘The Elements of Coordinate Geometry Cartesian Coordinates & Plane Trigonometry’ is highly recommended.

7.     Algebra – Hall & Knight

For intermediate students, Higher Algebra by Hall & Knight is a comprehensive book that contains the entire Algebra portion quite well. Some of the topics covered well are Ratio & Proportion, Arithmetical & Geometrical Progression, Scales of Notation, Theory of Numbers, Harmonic Progression, Partial Fractions, Determinants and Permutations & Combinations.

8.  Calculus – Thomas and Finney

Not over-difficult for Class 12 students, 9th edition of Thomas & Finney Calculus book covers all the basics of the topics with adequate amount of rigour. It is written extremely well and is mostly self-explanatory in nature. Graphs and diagrams in the book are quite useful too.

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