The 2 day workshop program for the students

Candidates of the Engineering College, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) are making the government highly accountable. During the Techfest that occurs annually, IIT Bombay students will be organizing training camps in the run-up to the festival as they believe it is their social responsibility. This will be conducted in IIT as well as 50 other colleges that are taking initiative in this event.

In between January 2nd to 4th 2015, the Techfest will be conducted. The workshops will be conducted as the pre-fest preparations from January and continue till the month of September. Every year, the fest conducted by IIT Bombay has a particular social initiative. Last year, the feast was focused on cancer and tobacco. This year, they have planned the theme of making the government accountable for the law and other human rights. According to a student of the IIT-Bombay, Hitesh Sahare and the event manager of the fest the group ideated for almost one month and read through various laws. They ultimately reach to the decision that RTI or Right to Information us one of the best ways to achieve success in the plan.

There were some rights that have been considered before squaring on RTI, which include Right to Services, social audit, and Right to Education. Mr. Sahare also said to the press that in such a large scale operation the social audit cannot be integrated into the campaign. In all the states Right to Services was not properly implemented. On RTE, the main problem that is faced is that the government is not accountable. Being a central Act RTI can outreach in a much better way. He also said that everything was functioning hand in hand if any questions were asked or making them accountable. In fact, this is the major reason behind the squaring.

National Campaign has also collaborated with the Techfest in the campaigning for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI). On 28th August the workshops would be conducted by the NCPRI activists in 14 cities as well as in more than 50 colleges. This workshop will guide candidates regarding how to file the RTI, sharing the stories of success and participating in the democracy campaigning. Through the RTI students can always make their question reach the government of the country. According to this campaigning every student needs to file at least one question.

These workshops will be conducted on various dates at different colleges. Generally, this will be held between the month of August and September. This is being accomplished to ensure a better community for individuals to live in. This is being executed with the ideology that candidates from the technical department can use the RTI system. As per the expectation of the IITians almost 60,000 – 70,000 students can get benefits from this operation. According to the convenor of NCPRI, Bhaskar Prabhu, some issues can also come in notice of the government when students possess proper knowledge about the various Acts as well as how to confront.

According to Mr. Shailesh Gandhi, the former central information commissioner as well as the IIT alumnus will launch this initiative. Exposure to the RTI is not to sole motive. The main aim is to make the candidates think from the aspect of the country and the government as well. The government can be held accountable with the help of the RTI tool. It helps to empower people and large pool of people is necessary to initiate this activity. In participatory democracy this can prove to be beneficial too.

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