Why Google offered 1.47 Crore package to BITS Pilani, whereas only about 80 Lakh to MIT and StanfordAfter Google making the whopping offer of 1.4 crore to students of BITS Pilani, some views and opinions that we have got from other student of BITS

Nitin Mathur, BITS Pilani answers:
Yes it is true that Google has made job offers worth 1.4 crore!
But it’s also a fact that most of the Indian institutes tend to take the stock options also into consideration while displaying the overall package. This normally misleads the person unknown to the considerations being made while totaling up the package of a student.
Also, it shall be unfair to judge the students that work so hard to bag those packages, which they totally deserve and it is surely an achievement for all of us!

Gaurav Sen, BITS Pilani answers:
Students getting such high packages have spent their life in studying and understanding the subjects and that is why they are being given such offers! Most of them are experts in coding with an average CGPA of 9.2+ in dual degree courses. At BITS Pilani Msc along with BE are considered as Dual degree course.

How these packages are calculated?
The package offered by Google of 1.4 crores is in-fact less than half of it. As it includes several considerations in terms of, Salary, Stocks of the companies being allotted to the candidate, Potential Bonus, Joining bonus and several other cost to the company.

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