COTY winnerConsidering the fact that this year’s CoolAger competition was dominated by female candidates from the beginning, it comes to us as no surprise that the winners are two girls and that too from Delhi University.

The competition received 9 nominations from IIM-Banglore, BITS Pilani, NIT Silchar, and Delhi University.

The winners Garima Sachdeva and Vernika Awal have been crowned CoolAger of 2013 for their love for writing and passion for CoolAge.

Garima Sachdeva is a passionate blogger and a sub-editor who loves to write on sports, humor, films, women’s safety and other issues. She has received 50 to 70 likes for her 202 articles on her Facebook page.

As a sub-editor, she’s recognized for his extended support to editorial team for Alumni interview questions. She encouraged initiatives like “Humourage” and also helped popularize CoolAge in Delhi University.

The other winner, Vernika Awal, is called queen of consistency among her friends. With 250 articles in just 1 and half years, her blogger profile is no less than any encyclopedia, which covers almost everything under the sky.

Being a literature student didn’t stop her from developing special liking for politics and economics, which is evident in her articles.

Vernika commands a huge fan following for her articles. In April, 2013, top 5 articles in the most popular blogs section were written by Vernika.

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