Top 7 Tips to Crack the IIT-JEE ExaminationDifferent people have different suggestions for engineering aspirants preparing hard for the IIT-JEE examination. However, not always all suggestions by self-proclaimed geniuses come in handy for JEE candidates. Preparation strategies vary from aspirant to aspirant. Any trick that has proved useful for somebody might not work for you owing to your different requirements.

But, still, there are a few basic JEE preparation strategies that always work well in case of every engineering aspirant. These strategies are the pillars of your success in the most competitive exam of India.
Let’s check out these strategies:
1.   Master Your Board Examination
Yes. That is the reality. If you want to score good in the IIT-JEE examination then you got to master your Boards. Being the one in top 10 in your school isn’t a big deal. You will have to focus on performing in the high percentile to ensure a good rank in the Mains.

2.   Get Professional IIT-JEE Coaching
We keep hearing success stories of JEE candidates who without any help or professional IIT-JEE coaching cracked the examination. That’s kind of a miracle not necessarily meant to happen in your case. Remember, requirements to crack the examination vary from candidate to candidate. So just don’t follow someone’s footsteps blindly. Of course, you might have all that talent but why take chances with your career. Professional IIT-JEE coaching will help you acknowledge tricks to crack the examination and also offer you smart preparation skills to avoid silly mistakes in the paper.

3.   Avoid Long-Hours Studies
Gone are the days when burning midnight oil used to yield great benefits for students. We are living in the 21st century with a totally different world of academic opportunities. Studying for long hours only adds to your stress making you vulnerable to making both big and small mistakes in the examination. Take breaks, keep calm, and eat well. These three habits will surely take you a long way in pursuing your career in engineering.

4.   Avoid Unnecessarily Complicated Problems
Many aspirants get involved in solving unnecessarily complicated problems while preparing for the IIT-JEE examination. Obviously, it is a wrong practice. It not only leaves you with no time for other important problems, but also makes you excessively stressed. Remember, the key to success in IIT-JEE lies in strengthening your basics. All you need to have is strong command over the problems in the syllabus.

5.   Practice Hard
There is no alternative to a good practice for success in IIT-JEE examination. Practice every day and solve problems from IIT-JEE sample papers every day.

6.   Take Interest in Study
It is important. You can’t really clear the examination if you don’t enjoy preparing for it. Remember; if you don’t enjoy engineering then don’t take the examination in the first place. Those who have topped the IIT-JEE examination were passionate about engineering. So enjoy every little thing about IIT-JEE.

7.   Indulge in your Hobbies
Studying all the time even when you are taking breaks can prove really tiresome. So to break the monotony, indulge in your favorite time pass or hobbies such as reading books, watching movies, playing sports, and, even, spending quality time with your family and friends.

After practicing all the aforementioned tips, you will soon start experiencing a change in your attitude towards the exam. You will find yourself filled with sheer confidence to crack the examination.

This post was published by Aditya Singhal, co-founder of askIITians.

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