You have already learned about structure of a flower in the previous article. It’s time to learn about classification of these plants which produce flowers.

What these plants are? Well if you remember, they are the angiosperm.

Petunia, orchid, rose, lotus, sunflower, marigold etc. all these are flowering plants. They can produce fruit & seed as well.  & you know what? They constitute largest group of plant kingdom.

90% of the categories of these plants have been categorized. On the basis of stem, roots & leaves; angiosperms have been categorized into 2 categories viz. monocotyledons (magnoliopsida) & dicotyledons (liliopsida).

Now we are going to do a comparative study of both of these categories. See, grab & learn carefully.

Flower-1 Flower-2 Flower-3 Flower-4 Flower-5 Flower-6

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