Waking up early morning! Going to school/college! Coming back! Again dating your books!

Do you love doing the same thing again and again?

st-1Life is good when you take things in balance! Along with studying, you should also take care of your health.   A strong mind grows better in healthy body.  For healthy body we should have nutritious food.  It keeps brain and body active.

Let me tell you few healthy eating tips that can take care of your body even when you don’t find much time for making dieting chart & following that regularly.

Here you go…….

  • Don’t break the breakfast – Yes! Do not skip it. As you have to work for the whole day. You can take omlet/fruits/Chapati/sprouts/oats as a healthy morning diet. Fruit juice or milk will also be a good option. Do not take acidic food in morning as it can decrease the pH of empty stomach at a much higher acidic level. It is not healthy.

The only thing you will do is – DO NOT SKIP!

  • Choose your street food wisely – First thing is you should avoid it. Even if you are having it, you can select fresh sandwich, salad kind of stuff. Try to avoid fried food. Fat is reused in street food; keep this thing on your mind.

You can also go for fruit drinks, milk products.

  • What if you feel hungry during late night study session? Well! You should have healthy snacks with you. You can have fresh or dried fruit, unbuttered popcorns, whole wheat cookies. You can have yogurt with raw vegetables. Yogurt and curd help in food digestion so you can add it to your dinner.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is- DO NOT TAKE HEAVY FOOD AT NIGHT. It will affect your digestive system.


  • Must intake – CALCIUM – In an age of twenties, we should have enough of calcium as it is needed for bones. If you don’t want to suffer from, osteoporosis in your later age; keep your diet calcium rich.

Drink milk regularly. Add low fat yogurt, green leafy vegetables & low fat cheese in your diet.

  • Dieting equally harms your body – Yes it’s true. If you wish to lose your weight, dieting will not be a good option. Rather eat balanced diet & exercise regularly. It will keep your body & brain active.
  • Control your sugar intake – I have seen many people who are suffering from several kinds of health issues & reason is SUGAR INTAKE. It should be taken in limited amount. Excess amount of sugar can lead to tooth decay, diabetes, weight issues. So better limit it 🙂
  • Take fewer calories at night – As you have to do no physical work after your dinner. Better you take light food.  Choose food with high nutritional quality. You can take home made khichdi, daliya, soup etc. You can also have shrimp if you are non-vegetarian.
  • Learn to love nature as it loves back – If you feel; you need to improve your concentration power! You can learn to meditate but in a calm area.  You can do it in garden or in any open area. You can also give some time to gardening. It lightens mood & strengthens brain.
  • Never say no to water – Our body is made up of 70% of water.  That’s why it should be taken in proper amount. At least 2 liters of water should be taken in a day. How much you are taking? Do you take water empty stomach? Do you keep a water bottle with you always while you study?

Well if you are not doing this, start it now! Your skin texture, metabolism, immune system will become better if you do start it J

  • Enjoy meal always More than giving nourishment to your body it give happiness. Respect it and be happy while you eat it.

One more thing guys…Do learn to concentrate. If you are playing do think of play only. Do not thing of homework that you didn’t do.

And yes…. While reading & learning, just be in your study. Do not watch your friends playing outside.

Well guys! Good books can also make your study more managed & productive. What if you get that kind of books where you can find all theory in a managed way? Solved mcqs are also compiled in it. That not enough, much more things are here in study material; that we have created.

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And guys, this is Anjali Ahuja (biology mentor). If you want to ask anything, drop that in here.

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