Research proves IIT preparation is a headache for students!
Research proves IIT preparation is a headache for students!

New Delhi: Now, there is a study to prove that IIT preparation cause headaches in students, literally. The Indian Academy of Neurology claimed that they have been seeing increasing number of students from Classes 8 to 10 at Hyderabad who complain of headaches. This has been linked to enrollment in IIT coaching classes.

They said that about sixty-one percent of high school students suffered from tension headaches, especially in urban areas. This has been caused probably due to emotional stress and academic pressure. The burden of extra classes seems to be too much for such children.

Not all students suffer from IIT JEE preparation headaches though. Only those students who are pushed into it by their parents develop stress and hence headaches.

There have been cases where students suffer from sleeplessness and get headaches as soon as they pick up a book. Too much intake of medicines can only increase health problems for students and doctors recommend yoga and meditation for such students instead.

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