funda2-logo_optOwing to rising competition in the country, stress levels among students have increased manifold in the past few years. Interestingly, their anxiety levels tend to soar even higher as exams approach quickly. So, it won’t be entirely wrong to say that the anxiety among students is directly proportional to the proximity of exams.

However, not only studies keep a student occupied throughout a particular academic session. There are other important things that a student must take care of such as popularity in the campus, having a girlfriend/boyfriend, and having a social life as well. And ferocity of all these things naturally double-up when you are an engineering student.

Keeping these interesting theories in mind, we have brought you some funny Fundas often adopted by engineering students. But before you read these funny Fundas, we must say that these won’t get you admission to any course in engineering institution. These are meant for a good laugh.

Engineering Fundas 1Engineering Fundas 2Engineering Fundas 3Engineering Fundas 4Engineering Fundas 5Engineering Fundas 6Engineering Fundas 7Engineering Fundas 8Engineering Fundas 9Engineering Fundas 10

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