share-health-secret-400x400I don’t know exactly which day it was. The holy Friday of December 18th at 8 O’ clock in the morning or some other day, may be—I’m   still not sure. But one thing I remember for sure, even today, is that the magic of the secret eluded me.

I was sitting in the classroom like a goat sits in the slaughterhouse waiting for its turn. The entrance test for a college of my choice was turning out to be the worst nightmare of my life.

It was my first entrance test ever and that with 3 different rounds including an interview. I decided to not give up easily no matter what might come. And with this little courage, I faced it successfully. It was difficult to understand it then but I did not even care for any explanations from my life and the Almighty.

Later that day at home, on the success of my exam, my mom got me a very specially gift—a book. Yes. It was a special book because it changed my life forever. It was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

I read The Secret every day only to get mesmerized with its real incredible stories. I read about a man who with the power of positive visualization finally got the money he had wanted. I decided to give it a try myself.

I began to visualize myself cheering in joy because of passing the exam. I kept saying to myself that I would clear the exam. And to my utter surprise, I actually passed the exam after a month when the result was finally out. It was an outstanding experience. The success motivated me and I decided to take on other rounds of the exam with the same zest.

I applied the teaching of The Secret once again. I visualized. After a month, I had cleared the second round as well. Now, it was the time for the last and the most difficult round—interview. Of course, I applied the teaching of The Secret once again but this time with a little twist. I visualized myself as if I had passed the interview with a slight feeling of gratitude.

Results are not out yet. But I know that I will pass easily. As told in the book, the Universe really conspires to help you achieve your goal if you put in genuine efforts. I have started believing in this saying. I am just 18 and with the power of positive visualization, I can see the Universe conspiring to help me achieve my goal.

Go and seek for The Secret to explore the power and the greatness of the Universe like I did.

This post is contributed by Aditya kashyap, an ITM-Gwalior Student.
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