Why You Must Work Hard to Get a Job at Google? Some Interesting Facts about GoogleI couldn’t really understand the value of having cash in my wallet until I left my job at Google. I had to struggle hard even for a cup of coffee. There are lots of people at Google India office who will cut fruits in any shape you want. You just have to name it. Obviously, it was a great luxury and I could relate to it for I would skip meals at grad school just because I didn’t have time to cut even a single damn apple!

There are several vending machines dispensing a number of accessories such as apple keyboards, headphones, and everything that you can’t even imagine at Google. All you got to do is just swipe your card and you have it right there and then.

At Google India office, all employees, of course, including me would get tickets for all popular new movie releases and cricket matches etc. along with free popcorn, cold-drinks, and burgers. However, the most interesting was coconut water and sugar cane juice counter at the office. The company celebrates mango festival every year and its employees get to relish over 50 varieties of mangoes from India and abroad. It was really like a festival for a person like me who had not even gorged on its 5 varieties till date.

Not just mango festival, but the company would celebrate every small festival in style. I specially remember New Year Celebration week wherein famous chefs from all the states of India were invited to cook especially for employees of the company. Let’s just not talk about Diwali because I just can’t express the aura of the celebration I experienced here at Google. Google celebrates everything in style be it Kite Festival, Onam, Valentine’s Day. Name it and they celebrate it.

Ever heard of Chaat Festival? Well, Chaat is delicious Indian roadside spicy snacks loved by people in India and abroad. Google makes it a point to set up stalls of almost all types of Chaats in the evening by 4. This means you can eat as many paani puris as many you want.

For beginners, working at Google is like staying in Hogwarts. The lifestyle transition from college dorm/cafeteria to this free-food workplace takes time sink in. It is just unbelievable for a few months.

It is not just work, which is great. I personally enjoyed working with some of the smartest people on earth at Google. The company seriously turned me into an eating monster!

The office is spacious, huge with mountain-view. I have heard of Heaven on earth in a few books but if you ask me if I have seen one in real life then I will think for a while and reply, “I have not only seen but also have lived to my heart’s content.”

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