Memorizing Formulae was Never So Easy!

Equations… formulae… huh, then name itself gives many of us nausea! I know some classmates of mine, who would just skip their lunchtime and prepare these formulae and try to memorize them. Then there were some who would try to learn them by heart! But does that help, learning formulae by heart? Unfortunately that is just not an option as formulae are about application and not just being reproduced on the paper!

So what can be done to memorize all the formulas in the course easily without giving ourselves a panic attack? We have got you some tips and tricks for you. Caution: some tricks will look silly, but they are all worth a try!

  1. First things first. Be attentive when the formulas are being taught in school or coaching classes. Anything new is worth the attention so it is better to learn it while it is still nascent and not related with some bad practice memories!
  2. This is the old school method. Read the formula again and again till it gets imprinted in your mind and then reproduce it on a piece of paper. Read, learn, write and follow this method for each formula again and again till you are confident!
  3. Understand the formation of the equations, units, or signs in the formulae. If you observe and analyse by dividing it in sets as the formula progresses to the answer, then you will be able to understand the formula deeply. You will not have to do the mugging.
  4. Associative learning. Many students feel that this trick really works. Relate the formula with something that you can easily remember. As an example, even in complex and long formulas, associate the numbers, variables and operands, to certain elements that are non-mathematical. Like the alphabets can stand as names of animals, flowers, food and toys. Indeed, anything that you like.
  5. Mentally recollect the formula. Now imagine an empty classroom in your head with a clean black board. Now slowly start writing the formula on it. You can write and erase it, all in your head. And once you think you have got the formula right, cross check it with your book!
  6. You must have heard about “in your sight, on your mind”. Do exactly the same with your formulae! Make small notes, post-its and stick them up at several places in your room. Even other areas which you frequently visit. Hmmm, maybe kitchen, TV room, or well, bathroom mirror!! J
  7. Never sleep over on formulas. They will just not sneak into your mind during your sleep. That is a bad, bad way. You are not at your highest concentration levels at the time of sleep. Rather, it would be better to get up and do them first thing in the morning, with a fresh mind.
  8. Once you think you are a little familiar with the formula, try playing with it. Pick up a random problem and try and apply it in the same. You might be able to solve it, or you might be able to formulate some basic steps, but at least you would know where you stand. Always remember that the magic of learning formula is in the application of it.
  9. Make music out of it. Read your formulae aloud in a rhythm, as in a rhyme! Now this sounds crazy right? Well, don’t go by the look of it. It really works for the students who are driven by music! Do believe me? Try out once for yourself!
  10. Never study formulae or practice sums related to them on an empty stomach. Ah, that would be a third degree torture for you. Keep yourself well-fed, be in a content, happy state of mind and go aim at it! That is the way to go about learning the formulae!

Don’t ever think that you can’t do it. These are just building blocks, and if understood properly, they will make your journey to JEE much simpler!

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