New Delhi: When students choose engineering as their career, they dream about getting a plum position in one of the most coveted companies in the world. LinkedIn’s list of Top 100 employers identifies best companies and conglomerates one would like to join.Here, are the companies that have been ranked as Top 10 employers of the world by LinkedIn:


#10McKinney & Co. is a U.S.-based global management consulting firm. It has its headquarters in New York and its employee strength currently is 19,000. The company has offices throughout America as well as worldwide.
•Recently, it launched the Asia Consumer Insights Centre that provides consultancy to companies who want to target Asian markets and understand their consumers.
•Applicants to the company must be experts in management consulting, financial modeling, and market entry.
#9  Royal Dutch Shell

•Shell is a Netherlands-based multinational oil company. It has its headquarters in The Hague and its employee strength currently us 73,000 workers.

•Shell is one of the 16 oil and energy companies included in the LinkedIn’s Top 100 employers. It has featured in Top 10 global employers for the first time in 2013.
#8  PepsiCo
•The only food and beverage company to make it to the in-demand Top 10 employers, Pepsico has its headquarters in Purchase, New York but it has offices throughout the world. The company has an employee strength of 69,000 – 34% more than its rival Coca-Cola which ranked at #18 in the LinkedIn’s list.
•Applicants to the company must be experts in FMCG, consumer products, and shopper marketing.
•Amazon has its headquarters in Seattle. It has employee strength of 47,000. Besides being an e-commerce giant, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos enjoys a celebrity status and attract many young talented people who wish to work under him.
•Applicants to the company must be experts distributed systems, scalability, and algorithms and must get over their fear of Bezos.
#6  Facebook
•Facebook has the smallest employee strength of all the Top 10 employers – at just 13,000. But the popularity of the social networking site and its young CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it is quite in demand.
•Facebook is planning its campus in Menlo Park, California.
•Applicants to the company must be experts in Python, algorithms, and distributed systems.
#5  Microsoft
•Microsoft is based at Redmond, Washington. It has the largest employee strength of Top 10 employers at 1,51,000. Bill Gates is still the star at Microsoft though its present CEO is Steve Ballmer who is rumoured to have a bad temper.
•Hiring process at Microsoft is highly competitive and tough to crack.
#4  Procter & Gamble
•Procter & Gamble is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. This consumer goods company has employee strength of 65,000. It has offices throughout the world and its products are in demand in many countries.
#3  Unilever
•Based in London, Unilever is a multinational consumer goods company too. After Nestle and Procter & Gamble, it is the third largest packaged consumer goods company. It has employee strength of 56,000.
•Applicants to the company must be experts in FMCG, consumer products, and trade marketing.
#2  Apple
•Based in Cupertino, California, Apple is the second most in-demand employer globally. It has employee strength of 77,000.
•The company products are much in demand too. In just the first three days after its launch, 9 million users bought iPhone 5S and 5C.
•Applicants to the company must be experts in iLife, iWork, and OS X.
#1  Google
•The world’s largest search engine Google is the most popular employer amongst LinkedIn users. It is based in Mountain View, California. One and a half decade old, it has employee strength of 71,000.
•Applicants to the company must be experts in distributed systems, Python, and Google Adwords with other specified qualifications.

This post was written by Aditya Singhal, managing director of askIITians.

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