urlI was watching Anurag Kashyap’s short film called ‘That Day After Everyday’ and it touched my aching heart.

The story is about three middle-class girls who go out to work, risking their dignity and honour, everyday. Eve-teased outside, their agony finds no soothing at home as their parents and in-laws constantly reverberate about all the distressing events about ‘rape’ and ‘murder’ of young girls to old women. They are warned of the consequences of venturing out and trying to be independent.

At the breaking point, these three young ladies learn martial arts and decide to stand up to the rogue boys living in their area. Their courage finally draws attention from the society and manages to bring major attitudinal change in their family members. They are finally accepted as ‘individuals’ who deserve to be respected.

When things go out of our hands, it is up to us to change them. We cannot blame the society and others for the ‘hell’ we have to go through. We have to find ways to carve out a heaven for ourselves.

And this change starts with a major change in our own mindset.

Every day, we face myriad problems that seem insurmountable. Be it diminishing jobs in the slowing economy, lack of support of friends and family to pursue our dreams, lack of funds to start our own venture, failure to grab a seat at IIT or in a course of our choice – it is up to us to find a way to turn it all around.

We have to be the ones to look for solutions and to find ways to make our lives better.

With that thought, I wish you all Good Luck for your board exams and all the medical or engineering entrance exams you are preparing for.

We received this inspiring mail from Ruchi Shrimali at blog@askiitians.com.

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This post was contributed by Alok kumar Singh, Askiitians

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