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When Askiitians approached me for my success story, I began to gauge myself based on what I had achieved in my life.  Was it enough to be successful?  I asked myself repeatedly.  My answer was negative. Being an IITian did not mean I was successful. So I cordially refused them to do this story on me.  Suddenly, one of them insisted with a child-like smile—Sir, if not a success story, then you must share your love story  with people who have looked up to you for inspiration.  I was shocked to see how confident they all were on this.  I smiled gently and promised them to do this some other day. Though, once they had left, I couldn’t help being nostalgic,  remembering old days in IIT, and the arrival of love in my life.  So career (sort of :P) of my love

IITians Love Story Part First

IITians Love Story Part Second

IITians Love Story Part Third

IITians Love Story Part Fourth

Courtesy- Askiitians

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