After increasing the bracket of foreign students (as mentioned in my previous blog: Foreign Students bracket increased by 10%), IIT has released another update. It has added some new centres outside India where JEE Mains exam will be conducted.

A centre is a venue where the online and offline JEE Main exam will be held by CBSE, the conducting body of the JEE Main exam. CBSE has been increasing the numbers of centres slowly each year to tap more potential by making its exam centres reachable by more number of students.

In this quest, they have been able to cover 9 centres in foreign national and 108 centres across India. The exam covered by CBSE centres outside India are:

– Colombo in Sri Lanka

– Kathmandu in Nepal

– Dhaka in Bangladesh

– Dubai in UAE

– Muscat in Oman

– Riyadh in Saudi Arabia

– Sharjah in UAE

– Bahrain

– Singapore

In Columbo, Dhaka, Kathmandu and Singapore only computer-based test options are available whereas in other centres both pen & paper and computer-based options are available. These increased number of centres are an effort to attract more foreign students and NRI’s.


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