Getting admission in nation’s most privileged engineering institute Indian Institute of Technology is a dream for many, not only in India but in abroad as well. The recent increase in the number of applications from foreign students is a proof of that.


But the increase in the number of application from foreign students also means increased competition among them due to low number of seats on offer. Only the best ones get through it.

But with the release of the latest update from IIT’s, the scenario is about to change as the number of seats for foreign students are about to increase from 2017.

Yes, you read it right!

The seats in IITs for foreign students are about to increase and that too by a big margin of 10%. This will open the door even further for aspirants from outside India.

This obviously does not mean compensating on the seats of Indian students but what it does mean is the overall increase in seats of various institutes under the umbrella brand of IIT.

Although the increase in the number of seats in various IIT’s across country may not be constant but vary from institute to institute.

Apart from the increase in number of seats of foreign students, the other update to be happy about is the increased number of examination centers outside India. In the coming year, the exam will be conducted in six centers outside India instead of just one so far.

It will be held in- Ethiopia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Singapore.

The new updates have been welcomed in a most positive manner possible as this will give the opportunity to many to fulfill their dreams. It is not just great news to foreign students but also Indian students staying abroad who do not have Indian citizenship.

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