Jadavpur University Suicide Turns Out to be a Cold- Blooded Murder!

The death of Jadavpur University student Manish Ranjan Mishra came as a shock to all the students over the country when we learnt that he committed suicide after writing the Microsoft exam. But now the case has come under an entirely new light as the parents believe that it was not a suicide at all, but was a murder given the frame of suicide!

Police on the other hand had a different story. According to them post mortem proved that student had actually hung himself. But police was supportive and agreed to help and keep the investigations moving in case the family was not satisfied with suicide theory.

Usheshar Nath Mitra, the father of the victim and a businessman had claimed that the body of his son had multiple wounds. On this, Manish’s maternal uncle Vijay Kumar Tiwari argued, “How can there be wounds on the body if he committed suicide?”

Regarding the wounds, the police had a different theory. Police claimed that it was highly possible that the wounds were inflicted after death. A top detective department official said, “It seems that his friends who saw him hanging had tried to bring him down in haste in order to save his life. However, in the act, they dropped the body and it led to abrasions,”

Nevertheless, the police is not closing the case yet. A divisional officer heading the investigations explained, “Even if he killed himself, we have to find out why he did it. We’ve started collecting the statements of his friends and professors. We’ve also seized a few of his personal items, which includes his laptop, and are scanning its contents. At this point our aim is to find out if he left any suicide note.”

Sources in Bidhannagar South police, the guys who are who are probing the case, have indicated that they might call in forensic experts to ascertain if the hostel room had been locked from inside, where Manish was found dead. “We want to be absolutely certain that no outsider had access to the room,” pointed another officer, also adding that it’s “getting increasingly certain that Manish was anxious to get a high- paying job.

The officer further said, “He was a basketball player who got admitted through the sports quota. A friend of his claimed that he wanted to settle in the US to pursue this game. Though this seems a bit far-fetched, nonetheless, we will probe this angle too.”

Such a news shakes the entire campus life and even on Wednesday the university campus remained tense. Visitors were screened and students were barred from inviting guests into the hostel at Salt Lake where Manish hanged himself. Manish lived in a single- occupancy room in the North block of the hostel.

The only process which was still unaffected was the campus interviews. The teachers and students were busy with it. However, no one had any clue why the talented student, a basketball player who represented the university, chose to end his life after appearing in just the first round of an interview, which he later cleared!

A final- year instrumentation engineering student and a boarder of the hostel, Nabarun Molla, expressed, “Some amount of tension is bound to prevail when campus interviews are happening. We all are under pressure. However this time the mood is upbeat, as the recruitment rates are good. Near about all top IT firms are here and we expect 95% absorption this time. Thus, it’s strange that he decided to give up so early.”

Not just he, but others were just as surprised. “Campus placements have never been poor in IT,” said a final- year electrical engineering student, “It had dipped slightly last year. Anyways this time things are looking much better.”

Samiran Chattopadhyay, the IT head of the department said that he would be greatly surprised if Manish had really killed himself fearing he would miss out on a good placement. He stated, “Manish was a better- than- average student with a 7.5 grade point average. Also, he was a sportsman and that made him extremely jovial and energetic. I won’t be able to comment on his personal life, however career- wise there seemed to be no particular reason for him to be depressed. Anyways, recruitments are always good on our campus and he would surely have landed in a decent job.”

A final- year student from IT engineering voiced, “Can the uncertainty of career now cost a life? It’s a scary thought. True, we are tense since placement seems like a make- or- break situation for us at this moment. At JU, we’re all good students and expecting sky- rockets.”

Pradip Ghosh, the registrar, looked pensive though he didn’t say much beyond – “let the police investigate the matter”. He repeatedly said that the hostel is under great surveillance and outsiders cannot access it. He also added, “I am extremely sad and tense at this loss of life.”

Jadavpur University Student Hangs Himself after Writing Microsoft Exam

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