We have received about 2,700 entries. We are publishing Top 10 New Year Resolutions for you. The best New Year Resolution Gift Hamper goes to Izumi Tyagi who is a Class VIII student.

While there are some who want to wean off their porn movie addiction, others swear to switch off their cell phones and be more serious towards their JEE preparation.

Some think they have been planning too much and achieve less while others promise to stick to their study plans. Here are some of the interesting New Year resolutions by JEE aspirants you must read:

1. Izumi Tyagi
Class 8th 
#NewYearResolution: I resolve to study hard and get a Udaan Scholarship. I want a chance to prove girls are not a rarity in IIT campuses and can be achievers too.

2. Srishti srivastav 
Class 12th Pass
#NewYearResolution: My New Year Resolution is-I Will Not Repeat my Careless Attitude towards my preaparation for jee by not contacting my friends on cell phone and also delete my fb account..

3.Mostafijur Rahaman
Class 12th
#NewYearResolution The following are the new year resolution for me:

  • I will sleep less in order to overcome forgetfulness.
  • I will be more obedient towards my IITJEE preparations.
  • I will score 200 up score in JEE mains.
  • I will never waste my time in useless things nor always study.

4.Apoorva Singh
Class 11th
#NewYearResolution: Since I have to appear for iits in 2016 I will try to focus on my strong points….try to do selective studies and keep myself away from all distraction from world cup to Avengers 2. 
I will utilise each and every second till exams carefully. …..I will make short term goals nd try to complete them……I would try my best to do better than last time……A graph with positive slope always. ……I will just die hard to get through entrance exams…….Success is easiest if u r ready to grab the opportunity

5.Riya Mehta
Class 11th
#NewYearResolution: My resolution is that I will not compare my test scores with any one and keep studying like its the last day.

6.Samarth arora
Class 11th
#NewYearResolution: This year i want to dedicate myself completely towards my jee preparation nd boards my resolution is at i want to utilise each and every second of dis yr, i want to make my parentsfeel proud on me after dis yr as when i will appear for jee i want to give my bestand left no stone unturn this is probably the most  imp year of my life so i want to make it big really big by consistent hardwork  persistence i want to prove my self this year.

7.Dhanesh lunkad
Class 12th
#NewYearResolution: New year resolution must be something different like we must study for us this remaining 4 months as we have to get into the best plane that is heaven on earth for us 

8. karan malik
Preparing For Engineering
#NewYearResolution:”Once my dad said, Life is all about dreams you see and the efforts you make to achieve,” so my new year resolution i mean my dream is to be in the same college from where my dad graduated IIT Bombay he is not alive but i believe wherever he is, he is watching me Miss you dad.

9. Vidya Rani Singh
Class 12th
#NewYearResolution: Seriously taken, Happy New Year Resolution is an opportunity to gauge our goals.
Every determined individual takes  New year resolution ,But for me. I didn’t took any resolution this year as well as last year. Because I knew that I have already taken resolution at a the very beginning of my class 11th to work smart not hard for the coming 2 years so that I could make up my life by getting a prestigious college.
I followed my father’s saying  work hard  for the coming seven years and then enjoy your life in your own style.

10. Shivam dhiman 
Class 11th 
#NewYearResolution: i never give up..try..again ..again and again

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