As a developing country, India has one of the best education systems around the whole world. We are the 2nd largest populated country which has mostly youth as the main population. The educational Institutions we have are one of the best in the Industry of Education. But our students are still unable to find the best ways to develop the skills to get placed in MNCs. The lack of confidence and attitude fails them to crack interviews and makes them unable to achieve the goals of their careers. The faculties in our institutions didn’t pay much attention to the student’s soft skills, and personality development programs, but the only thing they do is make them study for their academic examinations.

Industry Collaboration with Education InstitutionsMost of the Multinational Company’s Employers experience that, at the time of talent interview period there are huge drawbacks in the student’s confidence and soft skills, creative thinking as they are looking for a great communicator and being adaptable by nature. The students get nervous and most of the times don’t know how to tackle the employer’s questions. These things lead to a major role for the Industries to collaborate with our educational institutions to help our youth (students) so that to develop their skills and achieve their goals in future.

Now a day, lots of Educational Institutions are collaborating with higher MNCs industries in India as well as in international institutions. These collaborations will add new dimensions which are essential for the students to enhance their ability to prosper, remain competitive and drive economic growth. For example, Sanskriti Institute of Management and Technology, [SIMT], Mathura has collaboration with University of Cambridge, University of North America, Virginia, USA and University of Malaysia by signing a Memorandum of Understanding, [MOU] with them. This also helps to the employers to get students who have resilience, passion and who want to well in every task they have been assigned with. As industries are collaborating with educational institutions, the faculty members are also get trained with the students as well. They have been sent to this fine universities to get trained in English, as it is the skill key for a successful career.

Other Universities like Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University, [SRM University], Chennai also believes in working closely with industry for mutual benefits and the society at large. SRM University has partnered with Reliance Jio. The MOU envisages the training of students engineering, management and science and humanities, in Niche area of current industry practices and trends. The best way to join this university is by giving their entrance exam of SRMJEE 2018.

Manipal University, Karnataka has the most international collaborators who have signed MOU with them. Having a variety of departments under one roof these international industries help students to with lots of practical knowledge and helps to create a personality of a student which can tackle interviews of the finest MNCs with ease. MU OET 2018 is the examination help by Manipal University for the admissions in the month of April every year for those students who want to develop their career in a secure environment. And in the upcoming years, as the Industries are signing MOU’s with different educational universities which will lead to better career development and better opportunities for our students and it will eventually end up by profiting our country.

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