Why IITs are not The Best Institutions of the World?A number of questions from curious minds are doing the rounds this so called IIT-JEE season. However, the one that has drawn more attention this year is—why are IITs not the best universities in the world despite the fact that IIT-JEE is the most difficult examination in the world.

All right! The question is tricky. But it does make sense. Doesn’t it?
How on earth can the difficulty level of an examination decide the excellence of a university? Let’s try to find it out.

Interestingly, a lot of people think that the IIT-JEE examination is pretty much like IRCTC Tatkal booking where success probability is around 0.004%. Even if you are fortunate enough to have the reservation, it doesn’t necessarily promise you of a luxurious journey ahead.
Obviously, IITs are not only about bricks and sands of their buildings. They are not about just world-class excellent professors. They are not all about the kind of exposure a student gets in the college premise. In fact, IITs are all about the IITians. IITians define the reputation of the IITs. IITians are made by IIT-JEE.
We must also understand that IITians are marginally smarter than their western counterparts. During a four year graduate programs, both (an IITian and an engineering student from another country, say, Stanford, America) undergo two totally different cultures. For example, IITians undergoing undergraduate programs in any IIT has to face the wrath of bureaucracy and red tapes for the smallest thing while an engineering student from Stanford in the United States has the freedom to question, discuss anything with his/her mentors without worrying about grades.

An IITian is forced to work-hard to get a fat package job in some company while an engineering student in Stanford (America) enjoys a whole day experimenting with his/her own ideas, trying to find the truth him/herself.
You can judge it yourself by taking a look at the numbers of IITians who have actually stepped out to other countries for research and creative interests.
All the discussions done above, thus, prove why IITs are not the best universities in the world despite the fact that IIT-JEE is the most difficult examination in the world.

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