While some may turn it down as a techie’s jargon or students’ gobbledygook, JEE aspirants are eager to learn the campus lingo of the IITs. Here are some of the most interesting IIT vocabs that can infuse a dash of fun to your language skills:

IIT Vocabs for New Entrants

IIT Vocabs for New Entrants

‘AIR’ is ‘All India Rank’. It is also known as ‘Hawa’. ‘Faccha’ or ‘Facchi’ is a first-year B.Tech student. ‘Halls’ are for ‘Halls of Residence’ or ‘Hostels’. ‘HP’ or ‘Happa’ is the ‘Hall President’. ‘Menty’ is ‘Hall’s Maintenance Secretary’. ‘OP’ or ‘Orientation Period’ or ‘IP’ or ‘Interaction Period’ is a disguise for ‘ragging’ at IITs. These days, it is more about mentally harassing juniors by testing their ‘Hall funda’ or their knowledge about the halls they live in. ‘Room baap’ or ‘Room maa’ is the student who occupied someone else’s room in the previous year.

IITian Terminology for Different Departments


‘Archi’ sounds like ‘Archie’ comics but refers to ‘Architecture’ department or its students. ‘Batti’ is for ‘Electrical Engineering’ department and its students. ‘Ghaasi’ is a student of ‘Agricultural Engineering’ department’. ‘Hathora’ is ‘Mechanical Engineering’ department and its students. ‘Indu’ is ‘Industrial Engineering & Management’ department and its students. ‘Kam-akal’ is ‘Chemical Engineering’ department and its students. ‘Machuara’ is ‘Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture’ department and its students. ‘Muska’ is ‘Maths & Computing’ stream and its students. ‘Meta’ is ‘Metallurgy & Materials Science’ department and its students. ‘Dude’ is not a smart guy. It is a ‘Dual Degree’ student. ‘Matka’ or ‘Matki’ is an M.Tech student. ‘Rassa’ or ‘Rassi’ is a ‘Research Scholar’ in the IIT campus. ‘Reskee’ is also for ‘Research Scholars’.

Day-to-Day Interaction Slangs at IIT Campus


  • ‘Apping’ at IITs is now about building or downloading mobile apps. It is ‘applying’ to universities abroad.
  • ‘Baddy’ is not a bad boy or girl. It’s ‘Badminton’. ‘Baski’ is for ‘Basketball’. ‘Footer’ is a ‘Football’ match.
  • ‘Bangy’ is not ‘beatable’. It refers to ‘Bangalore’ or ‘Bangalorean’.
  • ‘Bhaat’ is ‘Bekar Chat’ or useless discussion just to pass time.
  • ‘Bhajan’ are media files that are sexually explicit (usually shared on LAN).
  • ‘D.C.’ or ‘Disco’ is the ‘Disciplinary Committee’.
  • ‘GPL’ is kicking someone’s behind or ‘Rejection’. ‘KLPD’ means ‘Rejection’ too, especially when success was just at hand.
  •  ‘Maraoed’ is a verb – an act of doing something. For example. We maraoed bhaat for We did some useless chit-chat.
  • ‘Maal’ is a beautiful girl – which is considered a rarity at an IIT campus till now. ‘Non-males’ are female students who are not so beautiful. ‘Juice’ is a boy with feminine looks.
  • ‘PSI’ is ‘Pehchanne se Inkaar’. Ignoring someone or refusing to recognize someone falls under the ‘PSI’ category.

CGPA Groups


‘Atthi’ is a CGPA between ‘8 and 9’, ‘Satti’ is a CGPA between ‘7 and 8’ and ‘Chhagi’ is a CGPA between ‘6 and 7’. ‘Nehli’ is a CGPA between ‘9 and 10’ while ‘Dehli’ or ‘Dassi’ is a perfect CGPA of ‘10’. There are ‘Panji’ in the campus too – whose CGPA is between ‘5 and 6’. ‘Facca’ is ‘F-grade’ or ‘Fail’ in any subject.

Personality Types You Will Meet in IITs


‘God’ is an achiever in academics or any other field. ‘Stud’ is good in academic as well as in sports and other fields. ‘Kela’ is ‘Failure’. ‘Bhaatu’ is a person who forces you to indulge in ‘Bhaat’. ‘Fattu’ is a ‘Coward’. ‘Pakau’ is ‘Boring’. ‘Fundoo’ is something that is ‘Great’ or someone who is ‘Conceptually Strong’. ‘Maggu’ is a student who ‘mugs’. ‘Lodu’ who takes a lot of ‘load’ or pressure or tension, also referred to as ‘GMAT’ or ‘G Mein Apar Tension’. ‘Makhana’ is a spoil-sport or someone who spoils something by being insincere towards his or her work. ‘Dhakkan’ is the student in the department with the lowest rank in the IIT JEE merit list (since his/her rank is the cut-off rank for the department). ‘Volu’ is a ‘Volunteer’.

IITians are quite creative when it comes to coining new terms. To know more about some untold moments of IIT campus life, contact askIITians experts by writing to us as blog@askiitians.com.

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