IIT-Kanpur unveils fifth most powerful supercomputer in IndiaThis is the second amazing and unbelievable supercomputer that has been created by the IIT Kanpur. As per the information revealed by the sources, this supercomputer has been made to pass through several tests before launching finally. The extensive testing has been conducted by the seasoned team which is headed by SC Srivastava, the deputy director of IIT Kanpur. According to the performance, this supercomputer ranks at the 5th position in India. It is considered as the perfect machine for the educational institutes.

Supercomputers would be generally used for research, education and training. With the latest feat the entire institution is very much excited. Supercomputers are normally used in several areas of engineering and science research. The general research area that requires the use of supercomputers is known as High Performance Computing (HPC).

A team of engineers at IIT-Kanpur was responsible for assembling the machine under the guidance of Mr. Srivastava. It was unveiled by Mr. Srivastava along with Ashish Dutta, the head of the Computer Centre.

The previous version of HPC that was developed by IIT Kanpur included 200-300 Linux Terminals and Windows-NT Terminals 100 and was supported by PARAM 1000. It hosted almost 50 SUN Workstations. The supercomputer HPC2010 was given the 369th rank in the global supercomputer list. But this version is much better and offers high end performance, followed by unbelievable speed and high precision and accuracy. Brajesh Pandey, an engineer in IIT Kanpur was assigned as the administrator of the previous version of supercomputer. He was reassigned as the administrator for the development of this new version of supercomputer.

For this creation, the IIT Kanpur had invested around 48 crores and it is ranked at 130th position in the top 500 international list of powerful computer systems.

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