Do you look down upon online coaching as impassive video lectures you can play online? It’s time to have a re-look.

Today, online exam preparation for IIT JEE is becoming quite popular as it is effective, flexible and affordable.

Here are a few reasons why IIT JEE online coaching offered by askIITians is showing a rapid increase in its fan base:

IIT JEE online coaching is effective, practical, flexible and affordable!
IIT JEE online coaching is effective, practical, flexible and affordable!
  • To attend online classes for IIT JEE, one does not have to step out of his or her room. It saves you onslaught of traffic jams and time you waste in travelling to and from the coaching centre.
  • The virtual classes by askIITians are cooler, more illustrative and more personal in nature.
  • Do you wonder you will miss friends? Most probably, you are already used to chatting to friends on phone, SMSing them frequently or interact with them through instant messaging and voice chat on Internet. Similarly, IIT JEE online coaching programs also offer you discussion forums and many other ways to talk to your peer group. Small batch sizes in virtual classes also mean that you all get lots of personal attention from your tutor and your mentor and get ample opportunities to bond with each other.
  • Online classes for IIT JEE are easily accessible to anyone – no matter where he or she is located – in remote areas, in deserts, in mountains, or is just shuttling around because of their circumstances. Students do not have to miss classes. They can just play video recordings of the lectures whenever they want. These video recordings also come handy in revisions.
  • Online classes eliminate the drudgery of a correspondence course. Here, you can interact with your teacher on a real-time basis. Hence, you solve the question, get it checked and discuss about it with your teacher to gain new insights about how to solve the question.
IIT JEE online coaching is effective, practical, flexible and affordable!
Online coaching portal

At askIITians, we have more than 70 Ex-IITians on our tutor panel who can help in clearing your doubts, in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, IIT JEE exam pattern, and tell you what really happens in the IIT campuses. Though we do not believe in shortcuts to success, IIT JEE tutors with us know all the tips and tricks for smart IIT JEE preparation.

To know about online exam preparation for IIT JEE with askIITians, contact us at




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