Is IIIT-Hyderabad Giving Really Tough Competition to Other Reputed Engineering Institutions of the Country? Since its inception in the year 1998, IIIT-Hyderabad has fast gained popularity among all high-profile recruiters worldwide. The impeccable quality of students of the campus has become the talk of the town and the eyes that were previously settled on IITians have new equally talented options to behold.

Owing to IIIT-Hyderabad’s admiration in the technical world, the competition to get admission into the campus is getting tougher with each passing day. And to prove the growing popularity of the campus, we’ve brought you official statements made by recruiters during placements about IIIT-Hyderabad to give you an idea about IIIT-Hyderabad’s placement statistics.
So here we go:
When Yahoo! India ran a recruitment drive at the campus in the year 2007, its product manager & Campus Hiring Lead, Yahoo! India R&D, Srinivas Reddy Punur was in awe of the institution.

Statement 1: Yahoo! India
“The quality of IIIT Hyderabad students, who participated in our campus placement 2007 program, was indeed very impressive. Their strengths in computer science fundamentals, software design, algorithms and programming skills are some of the best we have seen among freshers,” he said.

Statement 2: Redpine Signals
“We find that IIIT-H’s instruction and courses stand out in quality, technical depth, and content. We have had students from IIIT-H that interned in the areas of VLSI design and Wireless Receiver design, and found them to be extremely motivated and competent. IIIT-H is producing engineers with the potential to make outstanding contributions in product design, research, analysis, and innovation,” said Venkatesh, Director, Redpine Signals

Statement 3: Computer Associates
“We have recruited several of IIIT-H’s graduate students into different product development groups of CA. We found them to be very inquisitive, hard-working, and talented. Some of these hires currently work on cutting edge technologies, and participate in the full life cycle of the enterprise product development at CA. Their ability to quickly learn and adapt to different team environments and challenges is quite admirable,” said Sridhar Parimi, Director, Office of the CTO, Computer Associates.

Statement 4: MAQ Software
“We are amazed by the technical knowledge of students and the research focus of the faculty. Students are aware of new cutting edge technologies in mobile development and Web 2.0,” said Rajeev Agarwal, CEO, MAQ Software.

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