What happens When Management Messess With Engineers!

Once a woman found herself in a hot air balloon and discovered that she was lost! Later on she found a man below.

She slide downwards a little and shouted, ‘Hello, can you please help me? I had promised my friend that I would meet him in an hour but it seems I’m lost.”

The man below replied. “You are in a hot air balloon which is around 35 feet above ground level. You are between 58 and 59 degrees west longitude and 39 and 40 degrees north latitude”

The lady said to him. ‘You must be an engineer!’

The man replied “Oh, yes! I’m, how did you know that?”

“Well, the details you gave to me about my location are technically very much correct but are useless to me, and the fact is that I am lost. You are of no use to me and rather you delayed my trip even more!” said the lady in the balloon.

‘Then, you must be in management’ said the man below.

‘Yes, I’m but how do you know that?’ asked the lady.
‘Well, you have no idea where you are right now and you don’t even know where you are going. You have reached at a level above ground because of the excessive quantity of hot air you might have asked to add so to reach early, which was not needed.  And, you have made a promise of which you are not bothered and you expect the people beneath you to help you and solve the problems that you have created?’

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