Girls from Kashmir Have Come Up with Mobile App for Paper-Free Campus!New Delhi: Rumaisa, Zeenat, Sadiya are Yusra are Kashmiri girls studying B.Tech at the Aryans College of Engineering, Chandigarh. But this is not why they have become talk-of-the town. They have come up with a mobile app under the guidance of Manpreet Mann, HOD (Projects) which will contribute in making their campus paper-free.

The app can easily be downloaded from Google playstore and used on any android-based mobile phone by college students and staff members. This mobile application will give a platform to students and staff to communicate online.

The college has rewarded its students by sanctioning Rs 1 lakh to similar projects they have undertaken. Besides, the girls will also get their books for next semester free of cost.

The app has two login options. Student Login will allow students to see notices intended for them while Staff Login will allow staff members to share any official communication online. Other users will be able to generic information about the college without having to register on it.

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