Free Webinar on ‘What to do after Class 10 Board Exams’

On March 27, 2015, askIITians expert Dr Sumit Majumdar (who has done his PhD from IIT Delhi) will interact with students on ‘What to do after Class 10 board exams?’ from 5 pm to 6 pm. This free webinar can be a defining point in your future career.

After two years of hard work, free time you get after Class 10 board exams seems like a well-deserved luxury. You must enjoy the lean phase and get rejuvenated for another two gruelling years of intense studies in Class 11 and 12. Just don’t forget that this time is also crucial for you to explore your interests well, make career plans, and know which streams you should choose while taking admission in Class 11.

It is easier said than done. Dr. Majumdar knows it. Hence, as a well-oiled expert, he will directly interact with all the participants of the webinar to inform them about the ‘Career Options after Class 10th’, help them come up with the stream best suited to them, and offer them guidelines on what they can do in 2 months after their board exams to give their career an extra push.

So, book your seat in the Webinar now and use the opportunity to your advantage!

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